Non-supplemented DIY


I have been thinking. Is there way to make a DIY Soylent without having to use vitamin supplements? As in, just using regular foods one would find in a supermarket and still get complete nutrition or is it not possible without supplements?


Interesting thought.


Well, it is possible, according to Ambronite, which states that they use 20 organic ingredients. They start shipping in February 2015 I think.

The first problem is with the price - Ambronite currently costs $35.60 per day.

The second problem - you’d find it harder to keep the minerals and vitamins under RDAs. For example, 4 packs of Ambronite (=1 day worth) has 50mg of iron (RDA is 45mg), also the manganese is way high (13mg), B1 (5mg), and a few others too:


That much amount of those is a buzzkill.


I’ve heard about Ambronite. It looks very good but even that uses some supplements and some of those ingredients can only get online.

That price is a bit ridiculous. Not saying that it isn’t understandable given the ingredients but only rich people can afford $35 a day per person; That’s $1,000 a month.


Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been on my DIY for months now with great results. I’ve used familiar vegetables to supply the micros with powdered protein and carbs from The only “supplements” are small quantities of yeast, lecithin, and salt.

I wanted to stay away from cereal grasses and other unusual ingredients like those found in Ambronite. Ambronite is probably fine, but I’ve had health problems from seemingly innocuous vegetables in the past. In particular, kidney stones from vegetables that have very high levels of oxalic acid. I avoided these in my DIY.

As for keeping the micros under limits, keep in mind that there’s a conversion factor for vitamin A supplied as carotenes found in vegetables. There’s a similar issue with folate, but I was able to keep this under the recommended limit. Also, nutrition information is incomplete for the protein and carb powders. I’m assuming anything not reported is zero, but this probably isn’t accurate.

I still want to try sprouting grains and beans for the protein and carbs, but I’m lazy. :smile:

Others have used a similar approach. Vicc’s Egg Basket comes to mind. It’s an interesting exercise with the DIY app. Go for it, and post your results!



Do they really use supplements? Do you happen to have any source for that? (Honestly, I’m very interested)


The RDI’s are calculated taking conversion factors into mind. Arent they? But 150-200% RDI is also fine for some vita-minerals but ambronite and other foods have even more than that.


More recipes:

My attempts:


What arethe RDI levels in All-natural soylent?


Here is the All-Natural Soylent on the DIY page (modified for soy milk rather than milk milk).