Noob looking for Cal-Mag Citrate "People Chow" Amazon Alternative


So I decided to DIY until the official soylent hopefully ships at the end of March. Ive decided to go with People Chow.

After adjusting some the sizes of the individual items so that i would run out around the time soylent is scheduled to ship (40 days), I went to place my order, when to my horror, i realized that the Cal/Mag Citrate in my order isnt shipped from amazon!!!

Which means my Soylent adventure would potentially be delayed by 2-3 days waiting for it to ship from god knows where!!!


Basically all im looking for is something i can get on amazon (and ships through Amazon) that can take the place of that item in my order so that i can get my free 2day amazon prime shipping on the whole order. Any help would be appreciated.


click more buying options, there is one that is prime, but it costs more


K thx, also i replaced the potassium citrate powder and choline bitartrate listed on the People Chow ingredient list here
Choline Bitartrate
Potassium Citrate


Choline Bitartrate


Potassium Citrate

I would like verification that this is fine and they are in fact the same thing

Also Could you link the replacement you found in “more buying options”?



K cool, Apparently its still gonna get here a day later for whatever reason, but whatevs, now if i could get some verification on those 2 items i changed.


NVM, pretty sure they are the same, didnt feel like waiting another 11 minutes for verification, aint no one got time for that. Thx for your input.