Noopept Spray Test (Edited)


Edit TLDR: First day was a failure.

Over the last week I’ve noticed the effects come on slowly and just in the last day or two I’ve really started to feel (think?) some changes. My memory recall is astounding. I can close my eyes after reading a bunch of stuff throughout the day and visualize text almost exactly as it was. Auditory recall isn’t as prominent, nor are smells or sensations.

It doesn’t feel like a stimulant and I’m not necessarily thinking harder, just more efficiently. The effects are mostly on my memory, both short and long term (I have remembered a few things that happened several years ago). For short term memory, this makes it easier to multi-task or focus on a small task without getting distracted about all the other things I need to do. It has mild anxiolytic effects as well.

I think I might pair it with piracetam or semax. The leading research on noopept is on its protective properties, but there are a few papers that point to improved memory and spatial reasoning. I think it would be a waste to use it on its own, but so far $10 was not a lot to throw at this and at the rate I’m going it will likely last around 3 or 4 weeks.


Whats the dosage? 1 spray?
I have a blocked left nasal passage so can only inhale via the right. Is there any irritation from the spray?


The dosage is one spray. You can find some info about it here but there isnt much detail.

Nasal administration of Noopept hits much faster, and is a lot more potent. We figured we would see how much we could fit into a stable solution, and give people the option to try it out. Is it going to replace cheap powder? Probably not. But it does give some unique effects compared to other methods of administration.

No, no irritation but it does have a kind of flavor to it. I’d compare it to candy or soda getting up your nose, but it isn’t unpleasant. The “drip” tastes kind of funky.


Honest officer. It’s just a nootropic.


I am guessing you are taking them for nootropic effects right rather than as a ‘pick me up’ like people generally do when they drink coffee/tea. In that case instead of caf/thea use…i hate to say this choline (125 mg only) and strictly morning only and the smallest dose of DHA pills.

Why? In my opinion, they provide raw material (which caf and thea dont) to rewire the brain which noopept supposedly helps…it being a nerve growth factor and all.

And remember when it comes to nootropics…start small and stay small (dosage wise)!

Correct me if i am wrong anybody. I dont want to give wrong advice :smile:


I’m not going to supplement with choline and I’m not going to stop using the caffeine pills. I’m using them as a cognitive stimulant, not a nootropic.

I’ll try to watch my dosage. I know it’s all too common for people to expect it to work overnight and when it doesn’t they jack up the dose… tsk tsk.