Nootrobox: biotech or baloney?


Is there any real science behind this?


I doubt it. For starters. i would like to see LINKS to where the New York Times etc “featured” RISE. I read the NYT daily and I didn’t notice this.


“featured” is an alternative way of saying “as seen on” which is code for “advertised on”. It’s probably BS.


According to my dictionary, “featured” has other meanings, such as

(of a newspaper or magazine article, broadcast program, or show) made a special attraction.
“our featured interview for this issue”

Which is why I wanted a link.



What the heck– I ordered some Rise. I’ll let you know if this happens.


Just as a side note, out of all the meal replacement products I believe only Queal provides optional nootropics. They call it Boost and say,

Mix one scoop of the powder with your morning Queal meal, and you can expect to experience an increase in focus and a drastic reduction in reaction time…

and from that linked page you can get to their very long list of references to the lit-ra-chur supporting their claims.

The contents are Guarana, L-Theanine (also found in Coffiest!), CDP-Choline, and Ashwagandha. How does that compare to the contents of Rise?


So basically caffeine & theanine. I dunno about “drastic” reduction in reaction time but an increase in focus… yep those two in combination will definitely give that. I’ve been taking them together in capsule form off & on for years.


It’s a weird spot (from a coffiest spot), a lot of consumers were angry we did a 2:1 (caffeine : l-theanine) ratio, but we felt the reverse would negate the caffeine and remove what was position as a breakfast’esque drink. Science backs up some things, but a lot of nootropics can very much fall significantly into the “your mileage may vary” camp, which puts some on that boarder line placebo effect range.


Wait, you guys are 2x caffeine to theanine?? OK how did I not catch that before? I’ve always used the ratio of 2x theanine to caffeine - so 100mg caffein to 200mg theanine, in the case of my capsules. The point to the theanine is to curb the “jitters” that caffeine can cause, and 2x theanine has a fantastic synergistic effect with caffeine. You get the energy from the caffeine but it’s smooth, almost imperceptible if you’re expecting a “coffee jolt” which is what I like about it. I find I just plain feel good, alert, and ready for the world in a big way… whereas if I just have caffeine I get an amplified version of that sensation for a brief while but then the crash comes.

I’m stunned I didn’t catch that you reversed the ratio. From my experience with the two as supplements for years, I would definitely say to reverse it from what you say you have now.


We did testing on our end and found the 2:1 ratio superior for the drink.


Interesting… ok good to know at least!


We won’t just put things in the drink just because. :slight_smile:


No? Gosh and here I was thinking I was such a risk taker gambling with my life. Thanks for ruining that for me. /smh


HVMN have a $99 keto ester drink they’re about to release. I liked their tablets, the sleep ones definitely helped me get to sleep better but the others, I could easily have been seeing the effects I was expecting to, rather than really experiencing change,


How do HVMN’s Yawn tablets compare to regular ol’ melatonin? Have you tried both?


Couldn’t tell you sadly, only ever tried yawn. Definitely worked though, fantastic sleep. Wake and sprint I wasn’t sure whether I was just seeing what I expected.


First time taking Rise today. Could have been placebo or the choco-banana espresso I had, but I felt really energized.


Speaking of baloney, I’m trying out the drug that caused Sharapova to be banned from tennis for a year and a half. So far it seems not to do anything. I bought it on Amazon, and it appears that the seller just walked into an аптека (pharmacy) in Russia, bought it, and mailed it to me.


Great episode of Andreessen Horowitz’s podcast with the Hvmn (formerly Nootrobox) co-founders.