Nootropic blend to add into soylent


Based on a convo I was lurking on, I’ve decided to look into adding nootropics and some weight loss enhancers into my current baked soylent mix. I was wondering if @QuidNYC and any of the others could weigh in.

Right now, it looks like this is what I’ll be planning;
20 mg Noopept
750 mg Bacopa (how does this taste?)
100 mg L-Theanine
10 mg Synephrine
25 mg Hordenine
40 mg Higenamine

Currently, I can source all of these as bulk powder from
They’re decently cheap, and I figure that getting 120+ day supply for each of the above will cost me around $75, which means it will cost me roughly 50-60 cents a day.

I’m not swallowing these as pills, but the amounts are relatively small compared to my soylent, which means I’m not that worried about them contaminating the overall flavor (the exception being Bacopa).

I looked at ALCAR, but it’s a no-go for me as a meat derivative. The ones listed above are either entirely artificial or plant derived.

Any suggestions?


I’ll try to come back and reply in greater detail, but to start with I’d recommend a general measure of caution when approaching this project. You can put together a stack that looks great on paper, but everyone reacts differently to different compounds (even before you start combining things). I would strongly suggest adding each of these ingredients one at a time, for a minimum of ~2 weeks each, so you can isolate what is or is not working for you. Otherwise it will be very difficult to know what is going on.

I’m a little nervous about the baking. I think it’s probably fine for your “food soylent,” but this is another matter. At a minimum I would do some serious diligence into the safety of cooking these compounds. I’m not really qualified to say whether it’s okay or not – and I suspect you may have difficulty finding any conclusive information in this area.

Be careful with the synephrine, particularly if you’re consuming caffeine as well.


Thanks for the info, quid. In general I tend not to bake things too long when compared to how they measure chemical breakdowns - half an hour total at 400 F top temperature. A lot of the concern with vitamins breaking down tends to surround water solutions and longer cooking times. I also noted the different compounds that people talked about being heat sensitive and tried to steer clear of them.

That said, I appreciate the advice on adding in groups of food at a time. I think I may start with the noopept, since it’s very highly recommended and the comparative dilution is likely to have a protective effect. In general, I’ve started to wean myself of caffeine. I find that my morning exercise routine works well enough to wake me up, and it serves as a replacement for the only coffee I normally consume.


For Noopept, it is advisable to take sublingual rather than oral administration.


Any particular reason? I was under the impression that it didn’t really matter, but that sublingual was faster. Saliva is a digestive liquid too…