Nootropic Supplement and 100% Soylent?

I just started on Soylent. I ordered a week’s supply, tried it for a couple days, liked it and signed on for monthly 28 meal deliveries. I have taken a daily multi-vitamin along with a nootropic everyday on and off for the past couple years. I am certain that with my new Soylent diet that I no longer need the multi-vitamin, but what about the nootropic? It is a so called brain booster. I don’t know if it is only placebo, but the supplement that I’m speaking of really does help with my memory and concentration.

My question is that if I continue to take only the nootropic, along with my daily diet of Soylent, will I be at risk of overdosing on vitamins? I hope not because I just ordered another 60 day supply of the nootropic, and I do rather like the effects that I get from it. Here are the ingredients of the nootropic, along with the ingredients of Soylent 1.6. Is it safe for me to continue taking this supplement and be on a 100% Soylent diet?


Soylent 1.6

No offense but that’s not a nootropic lol

Depending on the multivitamin, you can probably still take one every few days. I’m assuming you drink between 50% to 80% of your daily calories in Soylent.


No offense taken. I guess I was just going off what the label says. So what exactly constitutes a nootropic?

So far, like my original post says, I have been getting 100% of my calories from Soylent. I am overweight, and generally eat junk so I figure that a 100% Soylent diet has to be better than what I have been doing. It keeps me satisfied, as in not hungry. I get 28 meals a month so I figure I will splurge a few times a month and have days where I eat solid food.

So you think taking one every few days will be OK?

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I’ve seen so much conflicting evidence about multis that today I’m skeptical if they work at all. However since they are reasonably cheap and don’t seem to cause harm to healthy individuals, personally I take the risk. One bottle lasts me half a year anyway, probably longer as I’m down to doses of once or twice a week.

There is an unofficial classification scheme for nootropics, requiring several things such as neuroprotective properties, increasing brain blood flow, having a negative or neutral tolerance over time, etc.

The image you posted is of a multivitamin. I don’t know why it’s being sold as a nootropic. It has a bunch of vitamins and minerals in it at unusual levels that I suspect aren’t justified by any neuroscientific research.

A nootropic already in stack form is tricky. It has become more popular but only because it sells better - people see the ingredients and assume that’s generally what works for everyone. Generally the more chemicals bunched together, the less freedom you have to control individual doses and the less clear the overall effect will be. I would recommend trying nootropic chemicals on their own. It’s more expensive this way and takes more time but at least you’ll end up with a stack that you can confidently say works.

I would recommend starting out trying Noopept, Piracetam (and it’s variations - oxiracetam for example), maybe a few extracts. Be weary of advice to use choline. There is no legitimate evidence supporting this as a requirement. If you get “brain fog”, don’t just assume it’s a fundamental flaw in the nootropic. Reduce your dose, if anything. You also don’t need to “cycle” (take breaks) most nootropics, not even for a few days. This is also based on a poor understanding of neuroscience and an assumption that your brain, for whatever reason, doesn’t like to think too much.

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As already said, this isn’t generally considered a nootropic. Actually to be fair, it might have nootropic ingredients in the ingredients list but not the nutritional table, which we wouldn’t be able to see.

However in answer to your question, I don’t see anything reaching the upper limits even if you consume 100% Soylent and one of those pills.


Thank you for the information. I appreciate it!

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Very late, but the combination between Coffiest’s theanine and supplementing with CILTEP, I find that I have sustained focus throughout my morning. The ‘Biohacking’ community seems to be very linked with the Paleo community, but in terms of supplements they can also be a source to look at.