- Not what I expected


I was bored and just typed in expecting an unclaimed domain or some half-credible nootropics store. I was surprised to find a very detailed analysis of the current use of and thought process around nootropics.

Its well worth a read through if any of you have the time. Part of the introduction:

Sceptics about nootropics (“smart drugs”) are unwitting victims of the so-called Panglossian paradigm of evolution. They believe that our cognitive architecture has been so fine-honed by natural selection that any tinkering with such a wonderfully all-adaptive suite of mechanisms is bound to do more harm than good.

All of a sudden, this:

Now it might seem axiomatic that helping everyone think more deeply is just what the doctor ordered. Yet our education system is already pervaded by an intellectual snobbery that exalts academic excellence over emotional well-being.

Its a good read, anyway. Seems fairly neutral from what I can tell. oozing with bias.


That first quote reads as anything but neutral; it oozes bias.


Mildly related, but with regards to the first quote, I highly recommend reading “Better than Human: The Promise and Perils of Enhancing Ourselves” It is a quick read (one day on the metro to and from work and in the evening) and covers many topics that relate to soylent, such as evolution with regards to dietary needs and human dietary needs in general.


Yes because our “everyone gets a trophy” generation is working out well so far.




That’s odd. Why does your coffee cup have two handl… oh.