Nootropics for fun! (and profit, if you value extra hours in the day.)


Please share your dosages for each.


Right now I’m 250 pounds, and this is my dosage

1g Sulbutiamine
3-4g piracetam
1g aniracetam
500 mg Lion’s Mane
800mg-1g Bacopa
800mg-1g CDP-Choline
1g Omega 3 oil with 400 IU D3

I plan to lower some dosages when I can balance with the rest of my planned stack, but I’ve got a very stressful court case on Monday in which I need to display an unbelievable amount of verbal skills to minimize what has become some of the most corrupt proceedings I’ve seen in my life, so for now the dosages are higher than I’d like ideally to subsist on.


Racetams/B-Vitamin Derivatives

Piracetam 4g
Oxiracetam 1g
Noopept 40mg
Sulbutiamine 1g
CDP Choline (Citicholine) 900mg
Picamilon 200mg


Fish Oil 4g (3704mg EPA, 2304mg DHA)
Vitamin D 4000IU
Mega Green Tea Extract 1 capsule
Lions Mane 4g
Bacopa 2g
Ubiquinol 1g

Morning: 1/2 dose of all racetams and fish oil, full dose of all others
Night: 1/2 dose of all racetams and fish oil

To cut costs, disposables include lions mane, bacopa, picamilon, and oxiracetam. You can also exclusively use noopept or exclusively use piracetam since they operate on almost the exact same biological mechanisms. The others work very well in tandem, but lions mane and bacopa especially seem to have little effect on me despite using them for extended periods of time. I have enough disposable income to use them, but they are a little unnecessary in my opinion.


Noopept and piracetam aren’t really the same. Noopept isn’t really a racetam at all, and it is more stimulating. Discontinuing noopept after a couple weeks at 20mg 2x daily gave me serious headaches. I’ve never tried glycine but I got some sarcosine recently and it seems pretty decent so far.

If you are interested in adding more bioavailable b vitamins and stuff like that I would suggest replacing your multivitamin with something from AOR:


Look into LLLT for mitochondrial enhancement:


If you add PQQ (which is cheap) to that, since you already have ubiquinol, it causes mitochondrial biogenesis. Since part of the mechanism of racetams and energy available for thinking all rely on mitochondria and having a lot of them, adding PQQ is a good way to get the most of your stack.


Those don’t seem any different from your average multivitamin. Methylcobalamin is better than cyancobalamin for mental stimulation as it aids myelenation. Sulbuthiamine in place of thiamine as the former crosses the blood brain barrier easier, etc. Seems to not make any of these replacements nor contain any of the compounds any different than my Mega-Mens from GNC.

Also, amounts of choline, inositil, other compounds are far below any levels at which you would notice any effect, sometimes a full 2 orders of magnitude lower.


Why don’t we try breaking it into categories?

Special B vitamins that cross blood brain barrier or aid in brain function:
Sulbuthiamine - two thiamines connected with a bridge
Methylcobalamin - alternate beneficial B12 that is more useful to the brain
Pyritinol - 2 B6 connected with bridge, may be harmful to liver so I avoid it
Picamilon - B3 + GABA that crosses Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).

first three have semi-unique mechanisms of action and are quite effective together
Piracetam - improves verbal ability, memory recall, inter-lobe communication
Aniracetam - improves intra-lobe focus/processing, enhances focus
Oxiracetam - also improves spatial reasoning, big +
Pramiracetam -piracetam derivative, stronger
Phenylracetam - PEA+piracetam, much stronger than piracetam along
coluracetam - Some report effectiveness, many report poor stacking and crappy effects

Choline Sources:
needed for racetams to support cognition
Alpha GPC - effective direct precursor to acetylcholine, the closest and most expensive
Citicholine (CDP choline) - combined with Omega-3 the body makes phosphatylcholine (sp?) which is the neuron receptor for choline within the cell wall
Choline Bitartrate - super-cheap, least effective, requires a lot more for same amount of choline

diverse variety of effects, lots of anti-oxidants and mechanisms of action.
Lion’s Mane - Proven to cause Nueral Growth Factor release, enhancing long term cognition substantially
Bacopa - reduces anxiety and improves memory both short and long term
Green Tea Extract - stimulant effects, anti-oxidants
Saffron -anti-cancer, anti-tumor, immuno-modulating, anti-oxidant.
… I don’t know many, feel free to add

Amino Acids
-building blocks of brain structures
NAC, … Go to go, things to do. Feel free to add.


Ortho core has methylcobalamin and pyridoxal-5’-phosphate but it’s about $1.80/day. Made some notes about what it has over multi basics 3, which is only $0.60/day, cheaper than the mega men powder I think, but maybe not capsules:

more magnesium
green tea extract
grape seed extract
astaxanthin and more cryptoxanthin, no zeaxanthin

Also the minerals aren’t primarily oxides like in mega men, k2 instead of k1, etc.


I find both of these stacks pretty effective:


I’ll be sure to look into it, dosage recommendation?

Perhaps I misunderstood then. I was under the impression that noopept was a peptide augmentation of piracetam. However, anecdotally, I have noticed piracetam does tend to make me sleepier than noopept.


Noopept is not technically a racetam molecule (due to not having a 2-oxo-pyrollidine skeleton), but is generally grouped together in the same category

It is not orally bioavailable like the racetams and should be taken sublingually.


PQQ is usually taken at 10-20mg/day, it’s pretty expensive though:'s+best+pqq



How much saffron has to be used for effects to be felt? It’s one of the most expensive spices in the world, selling at my local Wal-Mart for over $80 an ounce. (United States units)
It’s amazing in cooking, but I’m not sure if it can be justified to enhance performance.


I avoid the ayurvedic herbal stuff. Unless there’s a specific study correlating it to a proven mechanism, or a known metabolic interaction, it’s not worth my time.

Supplementing saffron sounds silly.


Saffron you shouldn’t use more than 3 stigmas per day, which isn’t too bad, but you can also use them in food, they add a great deal of earthy, savory flavor. Even in soylent they would be interesting.


@jrowe47: Can you post the amounts you’re taking of each?


I will as soon as I find a stable dosage I’ll provide it. I’m falling into a cycle, but I generally take 3.2g of piracetam a day, and 100 mg of phenylpiracetam, 250mg of citicoline to start the day. I do 1 adrafinil pill later in the day, and I’ve been getting 6 hours of sleep without ill effect - I’m feeling tippy top, not manic or buzzed. Well rested in the mornings (which is actually evenings for me, thanks graveyard shift.) I’m enjoying the hell out of work, and this is probably helping things along. I use 250 mg caffeine and 150 mg theanine, usually around midday, about an hour after the others have kicked in. For the latter half of the day, I’m completely in the zone. Whatever task I set myself, it gets done.


Would you consider mixing these into your soylent batch, or prefer taking them at separate points along the day?


The taste would be terrible, really hard to mask - bitter and alkaline.