Nootropics for fun! (and profit, if you value extra hours in the day.)


It has been nearly two weeks since your last ‘how I feel’ update, and almost a month since you started. Have you managed to find a stable dosage that works for you? Have there been any negative side effects as of yet?


Doing great - pretty much the same as previous weeks. I’m doing just the piracetam and choline for a week to get a baseline, then upping the amount of phenylpiracetam to 300mg. I’m also ordering aniracetam - that’s the missing piece from my last stack that had me really in the zone.

I’m almost finished tweaking my diy formula for texture and taste, and I’m in the process of being promoted at work, so my attentions are mostly on those two things. Next week, after the pneylpiracetam experiment, I’ll start nailing down the details for a regimen, with papers on everything I’m taking.


@jrowe47 can you recommend a reliable/honest source for piracetam. I live in the US.


I’ve been using . They have a solid range of racetams and other noots, reasonable prices, and reasonable shipping times.


They don’t have a good opinion on reddit currently has been a pretty good source for for me, I used to buy off ebay but my fav suppliers dried up so I switched.


So they went to social media sites and created sock puppet accounts to drum up business? I’m not worried lol. They’ve shipped in a timely fashion and have reasonable prices, which is my criteria - everything else is fluff.

I prefer caps over powders, too. If I find a faster shipper or cheaper prices, I’ll move on.


In case anyone is wondering about an idea of daily costs, I took @jrowe47’s stack from his post here, with @bryce_leo’s distributor (personal preference for powders) and calculated the daily and up front costs

Nootropic 		SS	IC	DC	GPC		Days until refill
Adrafinil		0.30 g	$44.99	$0.90	 15.00 g	50.00 days
Piracetam		3.20 g	$37.99	$0.24	500.00 g	156.25 days
Phenylpiracetam		0.10 g	$39.99	$0.40	 10.00 g	100.00 days
Caffeine		0.25 g	$04.99	$0.01	125.00 g	500.00 days
L-Theanine		0.15 g	$07.49	$0.04	 30.00 g	200.00 days

Total Initial Investment (+$7.10 shipping)	$142.55
Total Daily Cost	        		$1.59

*Serving Size, Initial Cost, Daily Cost, Grams Per Package

Keep in mind that it’s really easy to reduce your up front cost by reducing the size of the packs you can get, but daily cost will increase.

So this, by far, seems like a really awesome benefit with a very low cost. Going to personally start with the Caffeine & L-Theanine combination with Piracetam ($0.29 a day!), and go from there.


its also been about 23 days since the last update, if @jrowe47 is still on it, and nothings chance since last time, it may be safe for other guine… erm, people to try it out too.


Once a day (about 9:30 am) I take 0.40 g L-Theanine and 0.20 g Caffeine. The 2:1 Theanine:Caffeine ratio came from the following sources:

I just ordered Piracetam and Alpha-GPC. I have mixed reports on Alpha GPC vs CDPCholine being better, so I could use some advice on that.


I’ll admit that most of this thread is over my head, but I believe the gist to be that nootropics stimulate mental acuity while reducing cognitive overhead; is that correct? I’ve never experimented with such things before, but I have a growing interest in doing so. I’ve never had great focus or attention span (I have Asperger’s Syndrome) and I find that both get worse as I age. I really desire to jump start my learning and retention ability again, as I want to learn Japanese, and economics; and also focus on expanding my education as a personal fitness trainer. Can anyone point me to a decent noob synopsis? Preferably written for laymen?


This article/blog post I just saw:

May be of interest.


If I understand your wording, yes. Nootropics are chemicals shown to stimulate brain activity, and are to intelligent people as steroids are to athletes, although nootropics aren’t regulated. However, they are relatively new and not all the effects are known. Where steroids have been used for years, nootropics are relatively new and mostly unheard of/barely studies as in-depth.

At the top of the thread @jrowe47 lists what he is using and what its supposed to do. He has been taking his nootropics for 2 months now, though it has been a month since he posted in here.


Sorry for missing several weeks. I’ve been neck deep in work, a 3 day bout with stomach flu of some sort, a Netflix binge (Sons of Anarchy) re-reading the Dune series, a self-organizing neural network framework, and various life miscellanea.

I’m still using 3.2g piracetam per day, with the occasional 4.8g spike. I’m also settled on 200 mg choline, 300mg caffeine and 200mg theanine per day. Some days I’ll skip the caffeine and just take theanine. I’ll post a more substantive recap sometime later. :slight_smile:


I too have been busy, I had court, then my girl left me and a lot of school work built up.

I’ve been on mostly the same but I reduced my sulbutiamine levels to about 700 on a day I’m tired and 400mg on a day I’m not because I noticed that it seemed to have a slight build up in my system and I kept waking up after 5-6 hours of sleep.

I’ve since added NAC, ALA, ALCAR (500-600mg), Picamilon to the list and my body just feels amazing all the time. No soreness, no pain, etc, and my brain functions more cleanly and evenly than ever. I have started taking weekends off of the supplements though just to give my body some rest time, I don’t know why but for some reason it just seems to work a lot better that way. The picamilon (250mg) is amazing, I can pop a 200mg caffeine tab and get no jitters whatsoever when I’ve taken picamilon that day, and it helps improve focus, reduce mental fatigue even more.


What are your NAC and ALA dosages? Also do you have any special timings with these or are they just taken in the morning?
Thanks for the info!

Any suggestions on where you would add the NAC and ALCAR as far as morning or night?

My current stack AM
130mg Octopamine
550 Aniracetam
2g Piracetam
30-70mg Pyrinitol (Keeps me alert and focused all day, amazing stuff).
5g Creatine Monohydrate

PM stack:
5mg Melatoin
40mg Vinpocetine
200mg ALA
5g Creatine Monohydrate


@jrowe47 any updates on your intakes? Curious about the theanine only intake …

thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!!


I use a rough 1:2 ratio of theanine to caffeine. I’ll usually have around 350-400mg caffeine, so I’ll take 200mg of theanine.The effect of theanine starts to taper after 3 weeks, so I cycle 3 weeks on, 1 week off. It’s always almost shocking to me when I get jittery on the off week from caffeine. I’m considering aniracetam and piracetam. Phenylpiracetam didn’t provide enough bang for the buck, and the effects started to wane after 6 weeks. Adrafinil didn’t seem to have any effect, except by itself, and was easily overshadowed by the others. Its nootropic effects aren’t worth the cost in respect to elevated liver enzymes, and I wasn’t looking to mitigate sleep duration.

I’ll be changing my stack to theanine, caffeine, piracetam, aniracetam, and citicoline. I may try some of the other racetams next month.


Also, this. There’s been a buzz on the internet for the last couple years about tcds. I’ve thought it was interesting but never really looked into it. Apparently, when current is flowing from the crown of the head to the cheek (anodal in the experiment’s parlance,) they saw a 4% increase in learning times, and the effect lasted for hours. I’d be willing to bet that under more finely tuned conditions the effect could be amplified further.

I’ll be researching more on this, for sure. It’s very cheap, and safe if you’re not already dangerously stupid (hey, if a little electricity is good, then if I plug this in the wall, it’ll be awesome!!) *cue award ceremony, cut stage left, pan Darwin Foundation presenters.

So… s/Soylent for nutrition, healthy workouts, running or an active lifestyle, nootropics, and tcds… add in Khan Academy, maybe Rosetta Stone to work out the brain. I also want to try out this on Wikipedia articles (there’s an open source version out there.) Some sort of gaming would be a good addition to the regimen. What else can we do to amp our brains?


Ok, so you want to torture yourself so it takes longer to learn something.

I wonder if all these “smartriants” have done something to your thinking process.

Surely a 4% decrease in learning time would be more advantageous?


@jrowe47: Just a clarification - I’m assuming that it was a typo when you referred to caffeine twice in your second sentence. You mean that you’re taking 400mg caffeine and 200 mg L-theanine, correct?

Thanks for all this helpful information…fascinating stuff here.