Nootropics for fun! (and profit, if you value extra hours in the day.)


Lmao, that’s some serious dedication. 4% is no where near worth throwing curent from crown to cheek imo.
Jrowe also look at MCT oil for ketone production to optomize brain function.
Spritz is just a customized RSVP speed reading delivery system. You’re thiking of Dual N-Back training that can potentially increase working memory and fluid intelligence open source version here ->


Good stuff, as always. What happened to adrafinil? Does it not work?


It works, but I think its effects overlap the others, and its sleep-mitigation effects aren’t what I’m after. The effect it had was always overshadowed by the others.

I fixed the double caffeine typo, and


Sleep mitigation.

Could you expand, a bit?

I’ve been plagued by insomnia (actually, delayed sleep-phase disorder masquerading as insomnia) since late childhood. I’m generally fine on ~6 hours of sleep a night, but getting to sleep is always. . . tricky. Adrafanil/modafinil interests me, but I really don’t need to put myself in a situation where sleep becomes impossible or requires stronger sedatives than I already rely upon to keep my circadian rhythm in the realm of the socially-acceptable.


So that is what I have been battling my entire life… never tried to put a name to it. More research for the long nights :smile:


Yeah. It’s a right bitch, as I’m sure you’re no doubt aware.


That I am. The last 2-3 weeks have been especially rough, bedtime has been pushed back between 4-6am. Never have gotten into sedatives though, just kinda gone with it…

Looking at the symptoms it seems a right fit. When I do sleep I sleep fine though, and if I allow myself to sleep through I can get 7-9 hours with no problem. I’ve always done better with an odd number of hours sleep too (3, 5, 7, 9), where even hours throw me off… now I need to see if that has been named.


I’ll sleep deeply, restfully, on a regular cycle, and with no prodding or assistance, if I get to go to pick a bedtime between 4:00AM and 8:00AM. I’m particularly fond of 4:00-12:00 (which realistically is more like 4:00-10:30 in practice). I’ve had the pleasure of getting to live a few years where I pretty much didn’t see full daylight due to my sleep cycle.

But then that whole “being an adult” thing kind of rears its ugly head and it’s back to the pharmacy. :-\

To return to the OT, I know that Modafinil can be used to reduce or obviate the need for sleep for a period of time, or to promote general wakefulness… I’m wondering if I might be able utilize to help anchor my circadian rhythm around a regular dosage time, or if I’m just going to make the problem worse. laugh Probably the latter, but it might be an amusing experiment.


I have always struggled with my inability to fall asleep. once I am asleep I generally am good. This is common with high-functioning individuals (says my doc). If you are going to try modafinil, realize it has a 15 hour life. So on days, you want to ensure wakefulness, take as early as possible, for me that is 5:30 am, it should wear off about 8:30 pm, in time for bed. Then take a melatonin dosage (sometimes with a 25 mg Xanax) to get my brain to shut off so I can fall asleep. I don’t like to take meds every day but it has improved my overall sleep cycles.


NAC 600mg ALA 300mg. I also take 1000mg of Glycine before bed.

I take everything in the morning as far as nootropics go, at night all I take is a multivitamin, melatonin, fiber, glycine.

I’ve heard of pyritinol but it is hard to find and there is worry about organ damage with it, so I’ve been scared to add it despite the benefits.

Also, I’ve been considering adrafinil but it is just too damn expensive… I would absolutely love something like it though.


Adrafinil’s cost to benefit ratio is too high for me, as well - just not enough significant effect to make it worthwhile.


I just got a small amount (10 day supply) to test out. It definitely gets rid of tiredness. I took it at 10am yesterday after getting 4 hours of sleep, and at 4am I hardly feel tired at all, I could easily go a few more hours if I wanted. It has helped focus a lot, so the benefits are real and they are strong. It can feel that it isn’t great for the liver, so you have to use it sparingly and only on days when you know you can’t get the sleep. Is it worth the price? That is depends on how much you make for a living. As a “now and then” thing, sure. As a daily? Nope on top of nope.

I’m generally not a fan of stimulants just because I don’t like the premise behind them, but I found this a relatively decent experience. I may examine/explore the other popular nootropics outside of my present stack when I get a chance.


Where did you purchase your Adrafinil? Any particular brand/type?


WOW… I’m glad I read this thread! I’ve been on the quest for a “Limitless” pill for years - even before the movie came out. I’d done reasonably well with my own “stack” of supplements, stuff like caffeine of course, ginseng, 5htp, ginko, even noopept at one point (which did little to nothing for me during my experiments) etc. etc. But I had never added theanine to the mix - until now!

To try something different, today rather than taking ANY of my standard regimen, I took only caffeine and theanine. I have some 150mg caffeine capsules I made up myself a while back during some other experiments, and my partner takes Theanine already so we had it in the house. I took 150mg of caffeine and 300 mg of theanine, and WoW0w… definitely can tell that I’m artificially stimulated, but it’s not like straight caffeine would normally be. There is a smoothness to it that is not normally present, and it lacks the slightly-uncomfortable jitters I would normally observe. It also “snuck up on me” quite smoothly over about 20 minutes. Overall I’m moving faster, multitasking better, focusing better, keeping multiple threads going in my mind at the same time and not losing them like I sometimes do… Will be very interesting to see what happens in about 3 hours or so when I would typically notice a crash begin.

This is all around freaking awesome. I do believe this may get me a significant step closer towards my goal of a simplified regimen that gets me the cognitive/productivity results I’m looking for, at a relatively low cost and without a ton of ingredients or complexity.

Thanks so much to the OP for posting this thread, and I’m very glad I happened to spot it this morning. Theanine is definitely going into my routine for a while at least!


Nootropics Depot online. Always my first choice for everything, they have unmatched quality, service, and prices.


Does Theanine do anything without caffeine? I really try to avoid stimulants, especially ones that build tolerance like caffeine. It took me over 4 days to get through withdraw from years of high caffeine intake, it was awful and I don’t want to rely on something like that. I always hear about it with caffeine, never of its own accord.


L-Theanine alone is a depressant, you can take it to help you sleep. It’s just strange that it pairs so well with caffeine. Usually when you take stimulants and depressants at the same time you just feel really messed up. But with a 2:1 ratio of theanine to caffeine you just get a smooth energy boost, and smooth down, no crash. I really like it.


Anecdote: I started with the 2:1 theanine caffeine ratio and ended up ditching the caffeine because the highs and lows got too much to keep up with. I do like keeping theanine in the mix because I can have coffee whenever I want throughout the day and not get the jitters, while without coffee I end up just feeling a little bit more calm and relaxed overall, which is definitely appreciated.


Yeah this is actually why we had it in the house, and why I had never taken it. My other half tends t need help sleeping, and so has theanine in the mix to assist with that. I don’t routinely need sleep aids so had never considered taking it. But I can see why it would pair well with caffeine… the theanine isn’t a strong enough depressant to overcome the caffeine rush, but is enough to smooth out the overall effects. Not sure if it will prolong them or not, so far I’m about 3 hours in and still feeling very good, though the initial rush has subsided and I’m now hungry. Going to grab a bite and see how long this wave lasts, and what the inevitable “come down” is like.


Theanine without caffeine gives you the calmness without the focus, clarity, and energy you get when it’s combined with caffeine. Piracetam, Aniracetam, and choline added to the mix take it to something I would think is comparable to the Limitless pill. It kicks you into an-ultra productive moderately manic state in which you’re able to switch mental gears rapidly, learn more quickly, and focus intently. The adrafinil lacks the potency of modafinil or it’s newer refined analogues, and has potential negative liver effects. I’m still not sold on hepatoxicity, but because of its cost and lack of comparative effect with the rest of the stack, I’ve dropped it.

Good nutrition and regular exercise can’t help but complement the overall effect.