Nootropics for fun! (and profit, if you value extra hours in the day.)


Another interesting one is, CDP-choline, also one that is speculated to be beneficial for AD(H)D symtomps.
People with AD(H)D have less dopamine receptors, and this one increases dopamine receptors in the brain.


I have been getting lots of quality exercise lately but I’m still short on nutrition as I am about a month or two short of switching to soylent.

I don’t do the adrifinil often because I worry about the effects on the liver when my whole stack is likely stressful enough, but it does a lot for me in terms of warding off the effects of sleep deprivation (the best essay I ever wrote was early this week, I crushed it beyond all doubt after taking adrifinil, popping down for a 3 hour nap. When I woke up I was the most productive I’ve ever been and pushing out ideas and quality work faster than ever before. I’d rather have modifinil, but you need a prescription and I can’t even afford to see a regular doctor. Are there other new alternatives that are as effective without the potentially harmful effects? My total supply of adrifinil was 5g and I’m about half through it, the rest will probably take another month to wear through with how little I use it, but if I can replace it with something better that is legal I’d like to.


When I started with nootropics I started with CDP-Choline and it was definitely a lot better than choline bitartrate, but a lot more difficult to afford (and somehow I got a kilo of choline bitartrate, so I couldn’t justify the cost of CDP-Choline, as great as it was.


I just ordered for the stack of @jrowe47 at nootropicsdepot. So I will receive 5 powders soon. Caffeine, Theanine, Piracetam, CDP Choline and Aniracetam.

Question: can I mix these powders in the recommended ratio’s and put them into capsules? Or would this cause any chemical reaction or loss in potency?

Taking capsules would be much more convenient.


Caps should be fine. There shouldn’t be any spontaneous reactions, that I’m aware of. :wink:


Here is how my set up goes:

Take powders out of box.
Weigh dose of powder, dump into shot glass. Repeat for ALL powders.
Put in capsule maker
Swallow 2 at a time until all are down.

I haven’t seen any negatives of mixing, and with the cap maker I got on noot depot it is damn near impossible to make 1 pill at a time. Good luck with the stack. I’m about to add EGCG to mine to and Theanine in the evening to help me sleep.


Does anyone just stir in their powders with some water or juice and swig it down?


Some of the powders are very horrible tasting.


I’ve heard some people do but many of the powders I take taste like some of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. Sulbutiamine is incredibly bitter, Bacopa and Lion’s mane taste just disgusting, Choline bitartrate is kind of bad tasting, piracetam isn’t bad but the rest are bad.

The thing is, a pill maker is a 1 time investment of like 5-10 bucks, the capsules are cheap as hell for a thousand at a time, and making them takes less time than measuring out the substances.

Some people prefer to just swig it down, but I’ve got to say that sounds like a horrible experience to put oneself through on a daily basis.


I received my powders as mentioned before: Caffeine, Theanine, Piracetam, CDP Choline and Aniracetam. Yesterday i mixed some portions into a stack and took some of it . Today as well. It works like a charm! Feel better, i can mend my tasks fluently and with ease and I had less negative thoughts to draw my attention away.

But… on the lookout for confirmation wether this really is (healthwise) a good idea, I stumbled upon this pretty alarming article about racetams. It really spooked me:

What do you guys @chris_sudlik, @jrowe47 think of this?

I wonder.


I read that a while ago, it was utter bullshit.

Essentially, the symptoms he complains of are well known as the symptoms of low choline levels, and the drug immediately drops your choline levels like a rock, especially when you first start taking them before your body has adjusted. The reports are either from people with extremely low choline levels, or reporting symptoms of choline overdose.

Some other reports sound like extreme overdoses of the drug, taking it WAY too much and too frequently. Some of them were clearly getting a build up in their system and couldn’t figure it out. I’ve been taking Piracetam, Aniracetam for about 8 months now with 0 negative effects. I take about 1-2 rest days a week during the weekends, no negative effects. Another factor worthy of consideration is the small number of reports of issues and the massive reports of successes.

In 2011 I took the Matrix part of an IQ test and scored about 116, I did another one about a month ago and scored 152. It is a narrow metric, but it was the lowest scoring part of a generalized IQ test I took so I was curious about changes in that particular factor.

There is another issue with those who are excessively stressed. If you take a stressed out, struggling brain and put it under more stress to perform, it isn’t going to do better. You have to be not running stimulants 24/7, you have to actually eat and sleep, etc.

I also call bullshit on pretty much everything he wrote. He flat out lied about science, studies and their validity and his so called reports aren’t actually sourced.

Lastly, I have my own experience to back me up. I’ve been in college for five years, I graduate in a month. I’ve taken 4 semesters in that time with a full 18 credit hours. The first 2 times I got mostly Cs, Maybe 1 B and 1-2 Ds or Fs.

Well, this spring I took 18 credit hours across 8 classes, and I got a 3.4, the highest GPA in my college career. The tests were easy, the homework was easy, life was easy. Everything has just been happier, brighter, easier since I started nootropics. It used to be that I had to study, but I went into tests without studying and got the highest scores in the class.


Congratulations!!! What’s your major?


Unfortunately the whole nootropics subject had escaped me so far, but there is some fantastically interesting stuff here, so thanks for bringing it up!

Regarding taking CDP Choline, do you reduce the amount of choline in your normal food/soylent to compensate? I’ve seen most DIY recipies use choline bitartrate as choline source, so I’m wondering whether additional choline supplements would boost overall intake above recommended levels.


I don’t reduce choline to compensate. I’ve been on caffeine, theanine, piracetam, and aniracetam for 8 months. I cycle caffeine/theanine every two weeks, taking a 3 or 4 day break, but I take choline and the racetams twice daily. This stuff is good. :smile:

The theanine and caffeine is so much better than coffee in the morning, very pleasant and no jittery buzz.


Interesting, that is the other point I was thinking about… why would I event want to be awake when I can’t use that time to drink coffee :wink:

But from what I read a cup of coffee contains anything between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine, so I think I’ll just skip caffeine supplements and it should be fine.
Like probably most people here I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee for a long time now, I’m really curious how the theanine will affect me.


Thanks a lot, @chris_sudlik for your extensive reaction. Yesterday night (Western Europe here) I read more on his website and it became clear to me this guy leans heavily to the yogi-side of live. Though I think he has quite some knowledge on how to stay healthy and a heap of good will, i smell bias in his writings like sulfur on a volcano.

What you are saying bout taking a good rest now and then seems very sensible a well. And it fits perfectly in my view of a good life, wherein some days are filled with doing nothing at all. :smile:

Will keep on looking for more info. Hope everyone will keep sharing positive and negative experience here.


Mechanical Engineering. I’m very excited, hopefully starting work upon graduation and moving out of the “poverty” class.


Will you be publishing this online? If so, where?


where can i find this distributor? I’m having trouble finding a lot of these ingredients and would love to place that exact order.


I’ll probably just post here, maybe a blog. I don’t know. Depends on how the results look.