Nootropics for fun! (and profit, if you value extra hours in the day.)


The distributor is
It’s a personal favorite of mine.


Very interesting research you have posted, I just stumbled upon it last week. I just started with your most recent stack that you settled on. Had a question for you, what dosage are you taking of Piracetam and Aniracetam daily? I read in a earlier post that you were taking 3.2g with a occasional 4.8g spike of Piracetam, are you taking the equal dose of Aniracetam?


I don’t know about him, but I keep a consistent 4-4.1g Piracetam a day excluding skip days. Aniracetam is way more potent, the dose for that should be around 1g, at least, that is what I take.


Doh, started to reply and then left the post. I do 2 750mg capsules a day - I take my regimen in the morning and then in the afternoon, caffeine/theanine vary depending on what I’m doing.


Thank you, Ive been on this stack for the past week. And I have managed to ween my self off adderall and use this to help me focus. Much better for my body and mind in the long run. And very comparable effects minus the energy of a amphetamine, but the caffeine and theanine have a much longer and manageable for of energy.


But… on the lookout for confirmation wether this really is (healthwise) a good idea, I stumbled upon this pretty alarming article about racetams. It really spooked me:

some of the negative reports are pretty serious.

The last quote was from the article. In general, I think he does a pretty good job of framing it. “Why I dont…” is definitely very particular and he recognizes it’s his personal brain chemistry. It’s just contrarian, which is why it gets traction.

I spoke with Dr. Andrew Hill (neuroscientist) and he explained how piracetam is relatively (if not more safe) than most of the other drugs including caffeine. That is, but definition, a “nootropic” in the traditional sense of the word.

Dr. Hill mentions phenylpiracetam in this post too


I’ve been taking ginseng and gingko biloba. The Mayo Clinic says there is good evidence that to gingko biloba reduces anxiety and treats a condition where people don’t get enough blood flow to the brain (suggesting it may increase blood flow). Anyone else tried it?


Honestly, ginkgo biloba is the most well known but I think it’s pretty over-rated as far as the literature is concerned. Check out the following links:


Picked up a bottle of Phenylpiracetam 100mg 70 capsules, as I am in my 40s now and my concentration is fading at work.
Came with a bottle of 30mg 100 capsules Noopept

Totally new to the nootropics thing
Was just going to take the Phenylpiracetam in the morning and when I got home in the evening.,
No idea what to do with the Noopept,

Advise would be welcome.


I used noopept for a while and probably will again. All I can tell you is you won’t be conscious of most of the effects and anything you do feel is very likely to be imagined.

Which is not to say it’s bogus. There is solid evidence that noopept preserves neurons in the hippocampus (memory), slows the build up of amyloid beta plaque, and possibly more. But it’s the “long term” supplement, and if you can bear having no immediate edge I think it is worth it. I’m young so I have little use for it, but I notice I tend to buy more noopept every other month.

Do you use caffeine?


Caffeine I have is just from a can of Pepsi Zero, or a can of Monster Rehab, Used to have alot more when I was younger

Have any ideas on what I should Stack with Phenylpiracetam at my age?
Also should i take both Phenylpiracetam and Noopept at the same time?


Super agers are a group of people that have the memory recall function of a 40 year old while well into their 80s. This is remarkable. If you’re one of these people and your lack of focus at work is actually lack of motivation/fulfillment, these chemicals may not be necessary yet. You didn’t specify your line of work but it sounds like it is cognitively demanding so perhaps you can focus on stimulant-related noots. From what I’ve read on health-related noots (noopept), they have only observable benefits (in research) for people who ALREADY have Alzheimer’s or other memory-impairing brain disorders. The wasting is not stopped, but side effects can be mitigated and you can “boost” your brain chemicals so the plaques and tangled proteins are less of an obstacle. But nothing we know of, except perhaps ultrasound, can remove brain plaque.

So TL;DR focus on enhancing chemicals and vary your dosage the first few days to see what works. For noots the recommended dosage is never right lol and you have more leeway with upping the doseage because of the extremely high “overdose” amount for most noots. just watch out for already stacked noots, tripling your dose could also increase your dose of caffeine to unsafe levels.

Speaking of caffeine, and because you’ve used anywhere from half to a third of your remaining heartbeats, you might consider finding a replacement for it. Theacrine has no tolerance build up and is very similar to the caffeine molecule. The benefits are comparable, however theacrine does not raise your blood pressure or increase your heart rate.

At the end of the day though, nothing boosts mood or focus like exercise. Every capillary flows with blood and the brain gets more oxygen than it does at rest. It’s free and it works :ok_hand:

But chemically speaking, phenyl-P seems like a good place to start (or just paracetam). If you don’t notice effects after 2 weeks you can try oxiracetam which has comparable effects.

Although I’ve yet to try it myself, semax has a lot of folks on Reddit excited. There are different forms offered on but you can shop elsewhere if you just want unmodified semax. It has some research backing its ability to improve test scores (placebo controlled) for multi faceted cognitive tasks (memory, spatial reasoning, mathematics etc)

Noopept is probably a good call for now even though by most standards your brain is still young, rather “not old” lol. But in your 50s or 60s you might notice fast increasing cognitive decline and at this point you’ll get your money’s worth for “anti” aging compounds like choline supplements, or stacks of botanicals and proteins (turmeric for example).

Some sites list lithium as good for the brain and even go so far as to call it a nootropic.

I’m not an expert but I would be wary of claims about lithium. There is no peer reviewed research to my knowledge showing long term safety or LTP (which could be good or bad depending on the extent of the LTP).


I’m trying caffeine/theanine. 300mg at a time seems to have no effect for me. In fact, I can take 400mg and still take an hour long nap for lack of energy. I’m mid 20s, have ADD and depression, and always lack energy and focus. In the past, Adderall has helped me focus but has nasty side effects for me.

I know I’m approaching what’s generally considered an “unsafe” amount of daily caffeine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does having a higher tolerance mean you can take more safely?


Quartz posted a new article today with some that I’ve never heard of before. Seems to be a decent summary.


I tried noopept once, can’t say it did much for me frankly. I’ve really liked caffeine/theanine and I generally buy pre-combined capsules in the proper ratio. I typically don’t exceed 300mg caffeine at a time though, and even that much is fairly rare. I have quite often however taken 100mg caffeine + 200 mg theanine (one capsule) in the morning, and another around mid-day, to let them overlap. That has worked well for me and then doesn’t interfere with my sleep. It’s enough to help kick my brain into gear, but not so much that I feel wired or get all jittery.


ive been taking qualia for a couple of months now, forgetting a day or 2 here and there, i havent really felt much different on it, a bit better but not how some people say they feel on it, imo not worth the 120 price tag but i feel i need to be taking some sort of nootropic because ive got constant brain fog and qualia seemed like it covered all the bases


Im experimenting with Theanine at the monment, but just start. A few of my friends tried a lot of Nootropics and used for university exams - with success. I was a little sceptical first, because I had anxiety issues in the past and I don’t want to go back to this, but then, I read this article: Up to now, I don’t have any negative effects.