Nootropics with official Soylent?


Any pitfalls/gotchas/general recommendations? What are you planning to use, if applicable?


Hmmm you just reminded me that I have some noopept in powder form that I never finished using. I frankly couldn’t feel a clear enough effect from it. But I wonder if it would be different now that I’m on Soylent. Maybe it would be more effective in a body with a better nutrition baseline. Hmmm… I may just have to try it again…


Let us know how it works for you. I am/was considering getting some noopept for myself as an additive. Curious how it would bake, since denaturing and absorption are principle problems with nootropics. Do you take it sub-lingually or full oral?


I tried mixing it in drinks, and putting it in capsules. The caps were fine, but noopept has got to be one of the most bitter, horrible substances known to mankind. It is VERY hard to hide in a drink and pretty much destroys the taste of anything it touches. Not sure about baking with it, I’d be pretty hesitant to try.


Just FYI, noopept administered orally is only 10% bioavailable vs. IV. Sublingual is far more efficient.


Yeah I had read that, but the notion of taking that stuff directly under the tongue… OMG no way. No way no way. There’s no possible benefit I could get from it that would ever make me do that. shudder


I have some Piracetam. It’s incredibly bitter, I imagine like noopept. I couldn’t mix it in anything. Have to put it in capsules and if even a little bit of powder ends up on the outside of the capsule you’re gonna have a bad time.

Regarding effectiveness, it does seem to help. Makes for a good mental high when mixed with caffeine and L-Theanine but I seemed to build up a resistance to it within mere days, so cycling is likely needed. Also, you have to make sure that you’ve got enough Choline* in your diet, as it supposedly makes you burn through it.

*Alpha GPC is an expensive, but supposedly effective/bio-available source of Choline. It’s also considered a kind of nootropic on its own, and has a slightly sweet taste. Due to price you’re probably better going the sublingual route than you would be to mix it in something.


Yeah you don’t want to get even a grain of noopept directly in your mouth. OMG… pure hell. Just awful.

When I was taking noopept it was in conjunction with my existing energy regimen, which included caffeine and choline. I wasn’t adding Theanine at the time though, and my recent tests with just pure caffeine & theanine (pre-Soylent) were pretty amazing. The two together are truly awesome.

But I’m now on day 15 of zero caffeine or supplementation of any kind, and still feeling amazing. Energy levels and general cognition had just been smooth & solid, with just a few exceptions (like today I’ve been kinda sleepy most of the day, but I think it’s because of how hot it is. Even with AC and fans going, it’s really borderline uncomfortably warm inside).

Certainly before Soylent I would never have managed to be as functional as I’ve been for two solid weeks. Still, I do kinda crave a “Limitless” effect. Been wondering how it might be now that I’m “clean” of such things, to try my energy regimen again and see how that goes. See if I go bouncing off the walls or what. LOL


I’m really hoping to get similar results. I’d love to not need caffeine anymore.

Don’t we all? :slight_smile: I think the main reason I really liked that movie wasn’t the storyline or the acting, but simply the idea that we could potentially (some day) push our brains to that level. At the very least, I’d like to not have my brainpower/memory fail me as I get older. I already feel like the me from 15 years ago was a lot smarter than I am now. :frowning:


Absolutely. We hear stuff about how we only use like 35% of our brains (max) or whatever, how could we not wonder… what would it be like if we actually used ALL OF IT??? =D I would sure love to find out!


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Bee tee dubs, I love being forced to type useless characters!


That is a false stat that poeple love to repeat but has been long disproven. It is more like we use a small portion at any given time, but that is because the other parts do things we don’t need right now, and even then its more than that.


I have some noopept, it wasn’t super bitter to me, more just like a raw chemical taste, but I am sure some people are more sensitive than I. esp you @vanclute


Yeah maybe “bitter” isn’t technically the right way to describe it.  “chemical hell in your mouth” would work too.  LOL

Yeah I’ve heard that too, but I remember seeing some program on that subject and I thought the conclusion was that at most, maybe 35% would be in use at any one time. But I could be remembering it entirely wrong. Overall point simply being that we definitely don’t use it all to max effectiveness! :wink:


we are using it to maximum effectiveness. the parts of the brain you use for word puzzles aren’t in use while you are driving, but they aren’t going to do anything for you then either. The parts of your brain used to deal with extreme acts of balance don’t do much while you are lying down.


Right, but I think the “Limitless” idea is basically like offloading tasks to the GPU that we used to think of as CPU tasks. Or like how memory athletes train to use the visual areas of the brain to increase memory, that kinda stuff.


So what you’re saying is the real reason robots will enslave us and put us into the matrix is not to use us as a power source, but to mine bitcoins.


Not quite the case. I’m just pulling what I remember from reading things, but the basic idea is there are people who use a much higher percentage of their brain at once.

These people have, literally, mental disorders. The brain isn’t the same as a CPU, and if all of it is active at once, it’s too much noise. Sensory overload is very much a thing - if 100% of your brain was firing, all at once, you would be all at once confused, in pain, and completely unable to process anything going on at the time. If anything, you could argue that using less of your brain at any one time increases effectiveness, by quieting all the less relevant sections’ “noise” and laser-focusing the one segment you need.

On the topic regarding the movie, as I recall it, the point of NZT in Limitless wasn’t to “use more brain matter” - it was the transition from an associative memory to an immediately-accessible indexed one. We don’t know a lot about how brains work (ok, maybe we do, but compared to how much we have yet to learn, we’re pretty sure it’s fairly slight), but the associative memory process is not always great for immediate recall. Things get lost, data isn’t exact, etc. The difference in the film posed a system where everything you knew was immediately when you wanted it, and new information was filed just as efficiently. Call it the difference between QuickSort and Bubble, for the programmers out there :wink: