Not a fan of the new "bubble" styling


@codinghorror, It looks like whoever is responsible for the styling of things in Discourse (don’t know if that’s you) has taken a page from the iOS style guide. I for one, really really really hate it.

The new notification icons are so subtle that they’re nearly invisible to me. OK perhaps it’s a resolution thing since I run dual 2500px-wide monitors. But still, I blow up my browser windows pretty large to compensate and still… I barely notice these things. The old ones were nice & “chunky” and stood out, visible instantly at a glance even from across the room.

I don’t know if I’m in the minority or what, but I truly hope this isn’t the direction you’re going overall. I can’t stand iOS7’s style and wish like crazy I had not made the horrible error in updating my iPhone to 7. My iPad mini came with 7 so no choice there, but my trusty iPad 3 is still on 6 and will never update again unless 8 has gone away from this “thin & clean” look that is so awful for so many reasons. The last thing I want is for my desktop web browsing experience to mirror iOS.

Anyway there ya go.


I’m actually in agreement with @vanclute here. The new bubble-style is nearly invisible to me and I’m usually pretty observant when it comes to visual UI (real world, maybe not so much :wink:).


I actually prefer the new styling. But it’d be ideal if people could pick their own theme - that way everyone’s happy.


Shading the bubbles would be a good compromise and allow for the same effect, without being so subtle as to be invisible on hd monitors. The lines are miniscule on my screen, and while they’re clean, they’re not performing their task.

Good to see some changes, though!


The off center 1 in a circle is driving me nuts. :slight_smile:


Darnit, I didn’t notice it was off center until you mentioned it. Now I can’t unsee it.


I like the change. Didn’t mind the old.


I think the new style is aesthetically fine, and on my resolution it shows up with reasonable visibility – but I could see how on a bigger one (or from further away) it would be a lot harder to see.

+1 for @nickp’s “themes” suggestion, if possible.


I like io7 very much. Also like the new styling here. But wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they changed it back.


Looks like they got changed back…


Ack. “new” is offcenter.

Damnit @Neebs57 !
Next thing you know, I’m gonna be complaining about comic sans fonts…


Holy cow! Why yes they did.

Thanks @codinghorror! =)