Not accepting card


Is anyone else getting this message: “An error occurred. Please check your credit card details and try again.” I know nothing’s wrong with my card, and I’ve tried on multiple computers and browsers, so I’m a bit confused.


Usual issues that come to mind:

  • Do you enter your name the exact way it is printed on the credit card?
  • Are you (is your IP) in the same country as the bank that issued your card?
  • Is the amount within your limit (or available on the card/account, if prepaid or debit)?

If it’s none of those, your best bet is to email


Unfortunately it’s none of those, so I’ll try that, thank you.


I am also having a problem ordering/backing. I am using AmEX which does not have a CCD number. The screen will not go further without one. Please correct this error or perhaps allow Paypal payments. Thank you.