Not happy with the Logo placement on the shirt


Looking at the picture of the shirt, I’m thinking that’s an odd place to put the logo, I’d think shrinking the logo some and moving to over to the left breast pocket position would be better, Discuss?


Try adjusting your iron.


Maybe… but the center placement does have its own appeal. Hard to explain, but it gives sort of a… unique/simple effect to the design.

I did take 5 minutes in MSpaint though to move/shrink the logo though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’d have to say that I probably prefer the original if I had to choose… but I wouldn’t say the modified one is bad. Maybe it could be offered as a second option if enough people like it (and/or as a later item if it’s too late for the current T-shirt production timeline, haha)


Looking at the shirt, it’s clear that the logo was edited onto it, anyways. That doesn’t have much to do with your concern though so my response would be, I would have hoped for a more stylized shirt. This design leaves much to be desired regardless of logo placement. The design is a bit boring. Maybe they should offer a few extra designs, just in case someone with a soul decides to buy one.


Lol, yes, it is clearly edited. Like I said, I took 5 minutes in MSPaint – I just thought it would be helpful to provide a rough estimate of the description suggested. :wink:

As for a stylized shirt, that could be interesting. Do you have any particular ideas? Personally I sort of like the minimalistic look, so I’d probably stick with this one still, but multiple options in the eventual ecommerce shop could be cool later on.


I like the minimalistic design too, but it’s just not great on a t-shirt. I’m not fond of straight lines and boxes in general. The design is quite literally, a bit square.
I’m not sure… I kind of am leaning towards 2 things.

  1. an abstract colorful design
  2. a cartoonish design depicting the actual drink
    I might put some time into drumming up one of these designs over the weekend.


Yeah, I will say I did like the original Soylent logo with the hexagon (one of the two forms with the whole word) a little more than the square logo. It would be cool if whichever bottles they settle on still have one of the old logos, sort of as a bonus to the campaign contributors to get something “back from the very beginning”.


I like the hexagon S logo that’s in the corner and on the Soylent bags, maybe that as a central image incorporated into something stylised and nerdy. Like the chemical makeup of something but hidden behind the art style.
Maybe that small Soylent square over the breast pocket on a polo shirt? I don’t get why no one makes interesting custom shirts out of polo’s lol


rule of nines. One side or the other, its dragging my eyes to it in the middle, no good. Which side of your face is your better side?


I just noticed there is actually an existing thread from a ways back on logos. Hasn’t been posted on since back in May, (probably because at this point, the logo decision is pretty solid).

Still, it has a re-scaled version of the old logo I was talking about. I actually forgot how much I liked it – I don’t know if there’s any issues with licensing/etc, but it would be really cool if there were some “original logo” trinket/shirt/etc made available (maybe just to backers?). Come on @JulioMiles, I know I’d be willing to chip in a little extra on my T-shirt order for a special original backer edition :smiley:
Soylent Logo

I won’t hold my breath on it because I know things are already in final stages, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the off chance!


What would be awesome is a shirt that looks like the bottle (e.g. a shirt that’s brown on the top and white on the bottom with the logo centered in white box with black border … like the cacao bottle). Yeah … I just blew your mind. You’re welcome.

Do it for all flavors.


So something like this, but with Soylent?


Yes and no I suppose. Similar to how a green Mountain Dew shirt or a red coke shirt might resemble the colors and logo of their respected products, this ramen shirt resembles its product. The end results, however, are quite different in appeal.