Not library-friendly

In the afternoon there is a lot of competition for quiet study spaces in the library, so I’m always reluctant to abandon my morning study spot to go get lunch, for fear of all the good spots being gone when I return. I thought I would remedy that problem today by bringing along a couple bottles of 2.0…boy, was I wrong.

Step 1: Shake. All good; not too much noise there.
Step 2: Peel the wrapper. NOPE! Everybody turns towards me :scream: It’s so freaking loud!!!

Alas, I couldn’t complete Step 2 without going downstairs to the noisy part of the library, relinquishing my favourite seat to some cake face who obviously just wanted to sit and play with her phone.
I did find a comfy couch in the noisy zone, so maybe it wasn’t so bad. Got my Soylent unwrapped and opened, and take a swig…and it’s lukewarm :anguished: Tastes like sawdust. Finished the first bottle and opted to go buy tasty food instead of opening the second bottle. Ugh.

Just had to get that off my chest.


Sad. I like lukewarm 2.0.

But I love libraries, though I haven’t actually been in one for years; I borrow audiobooks via the Internet. Where is your library?


It’s my campus library. I like it because it has individual cubbies with 4 private power outlets each, so it’s perfect for all-day study camping. But the library expansion isn’t keeping up with the student population, so after around noon it’s almost impossible to get a good spot.

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It’d work if you didn’t feel the need to peel off the wrapper. Open Soylent Bottles Like A BOSS!

With the new bottles, if I twist the lid off without peeling the wrapper it leaves a bunch of twisted bits that poke my mouth when I’m drinking. It drives me crazy so I gotta peel it off

Unwrap Soylent bottle before entering library.

That won’t help with your temperature preferences, though.


I feel your struggle. Life is hard sometimes.

It might be worth decanting your chilled Soylent into a flask of some sort. Obviously that’s a bit less convenient.


The problem with insulated flasks is that they take up a lot of space and add unnecessary weight. Otherwise I would bring 1.5 along that way. I could freeze some 2.0 but I worry that it might not thaw completely in time for when I want it

First world problems LOL


As stated, peel beforehand, and place in a bottle koozie…

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Oh, and if you order some custom coolers with the Soylent logo, I’d buy a couple off you.

Well, if they keep the Soylent drinkably cold then it’s not unnecessary weight, but you’re right. I took 1.5 to work in a couple of flasks at the end of last year. Good times.

For me, portability is a big part of the convenience (i.e. I can eat pretty much anywhere). The temperature dependance obviously hinders that.

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I’m a DIY soylent drinker, and on days when I know I won’t have a fridge, I use a little less water in my mix and add a giant ice ball. Then I put my blender bottle in a neoprene “sling” (aka cozy). By lunchtime, the ice has melted but my soylent is still cold :slightly_smiling:


Where do you get a “giant ice ball”? Death Star ice cube tray?

I tried bringing a frozen bottle of 2.0 yesterday and it was still mostly frozen when I got hungry. I should look for a suitably-sized neoprene sleeve. The students union has some but they’re sized for cans of pop or beer. Although maybe I could get two of those and use elastic bands to hold them onto the bottle?

Try running your finger around the rim where the black part comes off. Push in all the way to the bottle and drag your finger across the perimeter of the bottle. You can then unscrew the bottle with ease and no parts of the white wrapper will poke and cause discomfort. Quiet, easy, simple.


I just received a shipment of the new bottles wrapped in dull plastic, this works well for them, but would not have worked on my prior shipment that came with a glossy wrapper as the perforations were on an edge rather than in the valley.

Really? That’s strange, we got different glossy bottles then.

The one on the right is a glossy bottle. My coworker left it in the office mini fridge for quite some time. Proooobably needs to be tossed by now. You can see it’s opened, he never finished it. But you can see where the white wrapper and black wrapper would meet compared to the non-glossy bottle we got. Where it is if you push into the space with your finger or thumb between the cap and bottom rim there it would break the seal just fine since the valley was deep enough. We’ve been opening them that way since we first started using 2.0. Actually, it was my coworker who showed me that method.

We sure did. Your photos not showing for me, it’s just a broken link, but here’s mine. The first bottle on the left has the perforation on the ridge, while the matte bottle on the right has it in the valley. All my glossy bottles have come this way, so I typically just twist force them open which ends up pulling off all the way down the neck of the bottle.

It’s a bit messy, but it works…

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With both the glossy and matte batches I’ve encountered both alignments. Sometimes the perforation is in a good spot, sometimes it isn’t, but in my experience both glossy and matte bottles have been equally likely to end up with poorly aligned wrappers.

Today I just brought a big bag of candy and a cup of coffee to the library. So far so good, but I realized that the moment I finish that coffee I’ll have to pack up and go downstairs to the bathroom :cold_sweat: Had to get Roll Up though…

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Re: misaligned perforations, I still employ the brute force twisting method, but it did dawn on me today that if silence was required I have a Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool on my keychain, which has a nice little knife on it:

That picture makes it look big, so here is a banana for scale:

Or perhaps more useful, perched on a bottle of 2.0: