Not so New Survey for those, who have tried DIY Soylent! Update #5, 47 people!


Hello, fellow Earth Hitchhikers!
As promised I have built a new survey for those, who have already tried their own soylent.

Several things to note:

  1. Your participation does a big favor to the community! The current
    experience is so scattered, let’s bring it to the scientific ground.
  2. The survey is open to suggestions.
  3. It’s an open survey and I will be glad to share full data with anyone, who wants it.
  4. It can be anonymous at the same time.
  5. You can do the survey multiple times to record your experience as you go along.
  6. I will be happy if you keep this post in the top of the topic list with your useful comments.

  7. UPDATE: Bad news is that I can’t provide you with the link (still can’t believe it, but that what I was told.)
    Good news, however, that I can provide everyone with the link to the full spreadshit. (So I culled the last question.)
    So far we have 47 responses. I will be updating the files as we go.


If you want, I can also post the xls that instead of words gives number of the answer chosen. I can also post csv, tab or semicolon separated .


I would recommend using Google docs and creating a form with that. There’s no silly trial periods and it gives you output in a spreadsheet format which is much easier and useful to work with.


That’s a good idea. Though it would be less fancy and longer to build. I might commit to convert it, when my subscription expires.


… Is that a uterus?


Well, that was your association.One can google images, but weird questions are better.
In fact this is a stained mouse hippocampus. Brain area that is responsible for memory.
Official subscript if you will:

Interneurons expressing EGFP from the 5HT3 receptor promoter in the dorsal hippocampus colabelled for the CB1 cannabinoid receptor (red) and counterstained with DAPI (blue) to show the cell layers.


I have just added the reports for our great first 9 participants!


good survey…I look forward to seeing everyones results combined.


I can’t open either report though


I am sorry for the inconvenience. Does the link work now?
I have redirected it to the whole google directory.
I have also updated the results. We have 20 brave men already! Where are all the ladies?


Link works and reports are great. you could add a percentage of people under weight, over weight, normal, etc. based on age, gender, height and weight or another stat.


That what the BMI field goes for.


In addition to weight and BMI, it would be interesting to see overall change in these two based on time taking soylent (e.g., mean weight change -0.5lbs /week).

There was a comment toward the end about taking “Moar vitamin D!” I’m assuming that was supposed to be “more vitamin D”, but just in case, does anyone know if there a Moar brand of vitamin D that is reputedly better than other vitamin D supplements?


@biab “Moar” is often an intentional internet misspelling as a meme. Just FYI.


@qgroff - Thanks. :older_man: I’m feeling ancient now. :wink:


I have introduced 7 new responses into the report. 27 total.

Next time I’ll probably do additional analysis on the raw data. What correlations will you guys be interested in?

@biab I am happy to introduce the weight change, but can you consult me on the clear way to question this? First problem is that weight change might not be homogeneous in time and people will be confused to characterize it with single scalar. Should we ask them about the maximum achieved weight change rate? Second problem is that weight change is highly dependent on the desire of the person.


@neuronich - While weight isn’t linear, I wouldn’t want to over-complicate the survey. I’d be interested in something along the lines of:

  • What was your starting weight? [integer]
  • What is your current weight? [integer]
  • Has the Soylent recipe you’ve used most frequently targeted?
    [radio buttons: weight loss | weight maintenance | weight gain]

You’ve already got a question about length of time on Soylent, so from that and the first two questions it would be easy to get a basic idea of weight change over time. Combined with the third, there’s a good indication of whether soylent recipes are having generically having the desired impact on weights.

As people are on soylent longer, it would be really interesting to get running statistics (e.g., daily weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc), along with the corresponding soylent recipes. That would provide much finer grain data. But for a survey that isn’t filled out with extreme regularity, I think a big picture glance is still useful, even if it isn’t as precise.


Come on, guys. Not many responses recently.
Have the survey covered our full audience? According to the first survey there are about 200 of us.


I am sorry for dropping dead for two months. Probably the main reason is that, as I started to do Soylent, the whole idea just became mundane after a while. I got less interested in the research and social interaction about it.
We will see how it goes. I see the roads for development.
I can reformat it for the diy site and get more responses.
I can also dig data more. Try to find some correlations and make more meaning of numbers. With current sample size and the amount of confounders we will be able to tease out only the strongest effects, however.


Added mine. I especially love the “spreadshit”.


Well, just another update.