Not yet Soylent experience, but Joylent to start with


So how to sum up the first few minutes with Joylent.
As Soylent won’t ship anytime soon and I’m in Europe for a bit I just ordered some Joylent on the side.

So I wanted to start in the morning, but the delivery just arrived now 3pm. Bummer. So instead of Joylent I consumed the food from last night. Yeah wasn’t the best idea. Either it was a stupid placebo effect or it went bad really fast. Anyway I thought damn I won’t be hungry to eat anything soon…
Yeah right. Around 1pm I started feeling sick, headache and just when my Joylent arrived the breakfast emptied itself out.
Now I feel much better and prepared my first Joylent. A lot less powder than I imagined and it was much more in the liquid state than I anticipated after mixing. (I know night in the fridge etc. pp., but I’m starting anyway.)
So the taste is not bad. Probably would like the minimal vanilla taste of Soylent more right now, but it tastes like a mixture of Banana Nesquik, oats and flour (or at least the texture). I’ll update how it goes and definitely when my Soylent arrives. I have 5 days worth right now and already regret only having ordered 5 as I will be traveling a bit. Will probably order another 30 days to be save till my Soylent arrives in San Francisco. Hopefully @Koningsbruggen won’t let my dry out after these 5 days: #368

Fun fact: I mixed it in a champagner cooler as I can’t get a decent pitcher in Europe it seems. Will look for one back in San Francisco.

Thanks to @vanclute I think I already had ordered 2 contigos and can now savely drink cold Joylent and cold water on the go or at my desk \o/

Update #2014-07-16:
Ok so I am still hungry and finished about 400ml of Joylent. I mixed the whole bag for a day with about 1.5 ltrs of water. So let’s refill.

Disclosure: My girlfriend is out of Town so I have about 2 weeks to get the farting going and cleared up again :wink:

Update #2014-07-16:
Finished probably 4/5 of a days batch Joylent. So i have a bit left over.
After drinking Joylent I felt a lot better, but I already felt anyway after the breakfast had emerged, so let’s not attribute that to Joylent yet.
For all the gas junkies. Don’t worry it arrived. Not as much as I thought, but still.
Already made a new batch and it’s now sitting without oil in the fridge.
So i have probably 2300cal for tomorrow and if it goes similar tomorrow that will not be reached.

Update #2014-07-17:
Starting with breakfast. Drinking the rest from yesterday. Seems smoother and I’m definitely looking forward to the perfectly non oil refrigerated in a few minutes.
Finished the whole batch today and the leftovers from the day before. I was still a bit hungry and craving salty things like hell.
Ate a few pickles and toast with salty butter.

Update #2014-07-18:
Woke up at 6am this morning feeling quite refreshed, but as I had only slept 5 hours I went back to sleep.
Could be just some of these occurances I have sometimes. So I went back to sleep and in retrospect I think it was a fault. Feeling partly tired now. Will investigate further.

Today when I mixed in the oil I added a bit of salt and extra oil to stop my cravings.
It’s not as sweet anymore, perhaps even a bit too non sweet.
But now it feels more like food instead of a sweet milkshake and I drink slower just from thinking it’s food it seems. I’ll update accordingly.

Alright headache is here. A really strange one. Usually I have headaches in the front part. This one is strangely right at the top of my head ranging right into it. Yeah I’m hydrated drank more water than usual.

Update #2014-07-19:
Added additional oil and salt. Doesn’t taste as sweet anymore and I think it satisfies me more. But could be me getting used to it. I was a bit bumped today as I didn’t want anymore for breakfast than about 500 cal. Thought I disliked Joylent, but I actually didn’t like anything at all. Had some “craving” for lemonade, but I forgot about it after 20 min. So it seems I was more imagining than actually craving.
Due to a work related unplanned schedule I had conventional food and while it was delicious I was not feeling too got afterwards and still feel too ful almost 6 hours afterwards. I’m actually looking forward to my Joylent tomorrow.
Note: I woke up at 6 in the morning again and didn’t use that state again. Tomorrow if I wake up that early I’ll try to surf the wave and if need be get a nap in the afternoon. Have a lot to work on anyway.

So basicaly: I have more time, I don’t think about food that often, minimal cravings, already love the convenience, headaches (have them often) not sure yet, gas seems to get lesse but not sure, sleep can’t say yet.
Funny note I drank some alcohol and usually when I don’t drink for longer and I only have 1-2 beers I can feel it at least when getting up. Not today. So could just be good timing or that I hydrated during drinking more conciously.

Update #2014-07-20:
Woke up earlier today again and didn’t take the chance, but still I was probably up 3 hours earlier even so I tried sleeping for at least 1.5 hours after first waking up.
Usual full day work of probably 13 hours. Had a bit of hunger at the end of the day so I assume I would probably go for 2100-2200 cals, when the new batch arrives.

Update #2014-07-21:
“Overslept” and didn’t feel quite refreshed. Still the oversleeping was again 2 hours earlier than the usual oversleeping. So far the gas is almost gone or at the level, if not sometimes lower than before… Not decided on that yet. But the smell is still heavier than before.
And so much time on hand. No shopping, no worrying, no huge food prep just drink slowly while doing stuff. AWESOME


You can get a decent pitcher in Europe. I bought an Italian pitcher (in America), the Frigoverre by Bormioli Rocco. It’s glass instead of plastic but that just makes it easier to clean and you can shake the living gravy out of it.


I will look into that. I still hope for just getting the Takeya anyway. But that seems like a good in between solution. Thanks



I’ve no idea what you meant with your last update.


I think he’s saying that a one-day batch of Joylent leaves him full with some of it left over for the next day.


Yeah that’s what I meant. Will update to clarify. Thanks @asympt


Jumping the bandwagon, i might just add my own little unboxing to the thread.

Background: Sitting in Munich, Germany, backed Soylent but this beeing Europe I don’t know when i will be seeing any, too lazy to DIY, tried some 100% spacefood before.

So when joylent popped up I just went to make a plunge. Well a careful one, anyway starting off with 5 days.
Parcel would have arrived yesterday, but I was at work, so i just collected it this morning.

Blender bottle, 5 sachets of Joylent plus a sixth with 5 smaller sachets containing the oil. Was quite surprised at the small amount of oil, as i was used to see the ~60ml Soylent bottles, but Joylents recipie only features 10ml.

Also, one of the powder sachets did not survive the transportation:

I guess thats something one may reckon at farmers market place sales. :frowning: Anyway, thats the portion I shovelled into the box as good as I could.

I prepared it when I returned home from work today and have been nibbling every now and then since.
I have to say that this is a huge improvement over the 100% stuff. (The latter still required some chewing and had some unpleasant tastes, esp. the organic blend. Also the ratio of powder to water was pretty fixed by the bottles it came in and it tended to jelly pretty quickly)
Joylent is like a propper shake, smooth, rather thin in my first attempt and banani-y. A pleasure to drink after my previous experience.

The banana taste is sort of the typical ‘banana-flavored’ or banana-milk like kind of taste which usually is not one of my favorites.
But at this intensitiy i find its actually acceptable, or even good. There are some other tastes in there as well: a tiny little from the oats and a faint bitter note. All in all it seems sufficiently neutral without any dominant after tastes. Which is a good thing, i think.

The first two hours the oats in there seemed to be still occupied soaking up the water, but after around 2 and a half hours the oats seemd fully soaked (and the liquid was chilled to the point where the fridge would take it) and smoothness went up a good notch.

I’ll not be going for a complete food substitution, but am quite excited by now, looking forward to some renewed experimentation.
Big thanks @Koningsbruggen for providing from here.