Nothing but Soylent in July


I finally started yesterday. I don’t have official Soylent yet, just a couple of DIY versions and some space nutrients food. I’ve dabbled with DIY on and off for about a month now but I’ve finally run out of excuses as to why I can’t try living off it exclusively. My latest excuse was that I needed to continue eating regular food in case I get picked for that Soylent study that was supposed to start in mid-June. Maybe they meant 2015.

My stats: female, age 51, 5’5", 143 lbs, food addict, CA
My goal: lose 15 lbs and find some sort of recovery
My plan: Soylent only during July (and yes I’m supposed to get one week’s worth of the original from @Spud)
My Soylent orders: 1 week in November 2013 and one month subscription in June 2014.

day1: I started out with @spaceman food. It’s delicious but at least for the time being I won’t be able to reorder. Spaceman food to me is like near beer to an alcoholic. It just tastes too much like food and I keep wanting more even though I’m not hungry. I had two bottles of it and at night I made my own version of Marion chow. I was never a good cook and it looks like this will carry over into the Soylent world since my Marion chow didn’t taste as good as @axcho’s original which luckily I still have three bags off.
day 2: I woke up with a light headache which went away after drinking 32 oz of water. I didn’t feel particularly hungry and was not looking forward to having another bottle of my mix. Before drinking it I gave it a thorough spin in the Vitamix and it tasted better than last night albeit not as good as the original one. I gotta work on getting this right because part of the attraction of Soylent is the price.


@amy - I suppose you use 100%FOOD with not corrected Sodium sodium according to last recommendations. Pls. have some salt added to the water you drink to avoid headache secondary effects.

And keep posting - it’s a good review, since you have so many DIY-soylents to try. Thanks!

UPD: Starting this week we ship 100%FOOD with adjusted Sodium. Nutrition Facts label is here.


You might find Soylent too tasty. I hope not–I do find it pretty tasty myself, but also filling enough that I don’t just chug it.

Have you thought about experimenting with flavorings to make the flavor slightly less tempting? You could look at the flavoring topics here to see which add-ons people have tried which they didn’t like so much.


I felt nauseous for a few hours on day 2 and the light headache came back and persisted throughout the day even though I added extra salt as had been suggested. I felt zero hunger throughout the day and had no appetite whatsoever. I had even brought one of my 100% food bottles from @spaceman to work but didn’t have to use it. My kcal intake must have been less than 1500 which is incredible since I’m not restricting at all for the first 10 days.

day 3: I felt good in the morning. Breakfast was my Marion chow mix which tasted much better after sitting in the fridge for 36 hours. I felt full for hours and only had water until our afternoon party at work. I sipped my 100% food original, easily resisted the temptation of real food and took some leftovers home for my hubby. No headaches, no nausea, no hunger, no appetite, no complaints.

day 4: I felt dizzy and weak after waking up. It’s an original Marion chow day today. Original as in mixed by @axcho. It’s really delicious. I thought I’ll have to drink all 1800 kcal at once but 20 oz filled me up. It was actually too much but putting half a bottle back into the fridge was not an option - it’s an addict thing. I’ll have to invest in smaller bottles. With regular food I have a hard time telling when I’m full and I usually stop eating when I think a normal person would stop eating. Maybe satiety for me is just a placebo effect but that’s why I want to live on Soylent exclusively for 31 days (or longer). Weight loss has been almost nonexistent as of now.


Update 7/10/14
After a somewhat rough 1st week for various reasons I am doing much better now. I’m excited to have lost 2 lbs even though I’ve been consuming an average of 1800 kcal per day and been super lazy in regards to exercise. I start my day with 32 oz of water and a few minutes later about 20 oz of DIY. During the first few sips of every meal I think this time for sure I’ll need 2 bottles but each time I’m comfortably able to stop after just one. The body-brain connection seems to work with Soylent even though it doesn’t with regular food. I don’t think it’s the placebo effect. Time will tell.
One of my own mixes didn’t turn out so well and I needed to add one banana to a day’s supply for three days to make it palatable. I’ve also been chewing gum and been sucking on the occasional breathmint and I’ve started to use cream in my tea. Not much but being the life-long dieter I am, I feel the need to mention it.
All the discomfort, headaches, weakness, constipation and nausea from the first few days are gone. According to UPS tracking I should receive real Soylent from @spud this afternoon.


Mid-month update:
I’ve fine-tuned my DIY Soylent based on Marion chow and plan on using it 75%+ as of August when I stop my 31-day experiment of 100% DIY. I love not having to worry about food which I used to do for hours each day. When can I eat more, what can I eat, how long will I have to starve myself to lose the 3 lbs I just gained, etc…? I love my DIY so much that I’ve over consumed it to the tune of >2500 kcal per day at least twice. Still much less than what I can do with real food. I do worry about overdosing on micronutrients but as of now I hope my voracious appetite will settle soon. I feel full when I’m supposed to feel full, something that never happened with real food, but I continue sipping my DIY regardless.
For three days I had official Soylent which I didn’t like at all until I mixed it 50/50 with my DIY but with official Soylent it was even worse because I needed to reward myself with my DIY afterwards. I didn’t get mustard gas or any gas for that matter from official Soylent. The first couple of times it knocked the energy out of me within 30 minutes and both times I took a 2 hour nap. I attribute that to the maltodextrine in Soylent but since I didn’t need the nap after my third drink and since I’ve discontinued official Soylent and even asked and been granted a refund on my order, I won’t worry about figuring out whether I am right.
My plan for the next 10 days is to limit myself to reasonable amounts but I’m such a pushover and I fall easily for a good excuse that I don’t know how successful I’ll be.