Now Shipping Soylent 2.0


We are thrilled to announce that Soylent 2.0, the latest advancement in nutrition, begins shipping today. Thanks to the efforts of our Operations Team and distribution partners, all pre-sale and new orders will ship from our warehouse and arrive on your doorstep in an estimated five days or less - more than a month earlier than initially expected!

We look forward to sharing our newest product with all our Soylent Pioneers, and as always, thank you for your constant support.

Soylent 2.0: Use Less. Do More





Still sticking with 1.5, at least for the price.

But good job.


should i be concerned if i didnt get a shipping notice yet? i preordered the day it was announced


Sweet! Looking forward to a powdered version.


Same here…

obsessively reloads the page


I ordered mine immediately after the announcement which is probably why I was one of the first to get the shipping notification.

Love the manufacturing video btw!


RL, FYI, the shipping notification email has links to 1.5’s nutrition facts and release notes, not 2.0’s. Just a head’s up…


You mean at 0:43 where the bottles are being covered by another bottle thing while being swatted by noodles? I don’t know what that is, but it’s gone in the next shot. I assume the noddle-swatting machine serves a vital purpose, like making factory workers laugh.


Good to know that Rosa Labs supports quality of life improvements for workers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woh, I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it! It’s like the bottles are being covered in a large cylinder. Strange.


Wow! You guys are on the ball! A month early is fantastic!


The forum is about to get interesting again! :smile:


Oh no! I can’t have that happen! :sunglasses:


A minute long video… about a bland liquid drink… with no dialogue… and I got chills watching it.

Is my life this boring?


I’m with you man, I’ve watched three times.


Just got my shipping notification! Whoo-hoo!


Got my tracking info!