Now that project is taking in money


I guess we won’t see any more recipe updates from Rob, no?

Everyone focused on the fact that he added oat powder to the recipe but he also said it was on version 7, so I wonder what else changed.


I wonder which version of the product the backers will see. The most recent one? The image is showing what looks like version 6 and, as you said, he’s up to version 7. Could be even higher by then.


i am also curious about oat powder. is this soylent glutenfree?


Oats shouldn’t have any gluten in it by itself, the exception however might be when its grown next to other crops that do.


its version 0.6 (says on the crowd sourcing page.


I’m not in the US and was able to donate just fine.


me too, now worried that I never get the soylent


You can always try to make your own, although with the amount of recipes floating around you’ll need to parse Rob’s recipe yourself, or risk being thoroughly confused.


Has he release the full set of ingredients and measurements of his latest version?

and how does he deal in measuring micrograms and a ike?


My Problem is that I’m a “$230 - One Month’s Supply of Soylent” Baker and I read about the US only thing after I gave them my permission to get the money…


Try emailing Rob. I’m sure something can be arranged.


Can they ship to the rest of Europe from the UK?

Does @rob monitor this forum? Because we’re constantly asking questions and rarely get any answers.

Is anyone else worried about the price of Soylent?