NPR Marketplace Interview



NPR’s Market Place did an interview with our CEO @rob. The broadcast is about 10 minutes in length.

Thought a few of you might be interested.



Interesting interview. Thanks for posting!

I always find it interesting when people (the host) talk about tasting it for the first time. Rob talks about Soylent muffins and pancakes, which is interesting, given the thread on people trying to perfect Soylent pancakes.

Rob’s point about sensory-specific satiety was also a good one, and I think one that people often overlook when they first taste Soylent and mention how bland it tastes.

Some of the comments at the bottom are interesting.


I thought that the comment that it’s for monomaniacs (my translation) who don’t want to stop programming was interesting, and totally bogus. I’m retired and I guess I could spend six hours preparing a meal if I wanted to. I don’t want to.


Rob’s response to that about time was pretty good. The example about people on camping trips (or getting off the grid for awhile) was a good one. Soylent just being used to save time on the “tedious” meals (not the enjoyable ones with friends) is something that it seems people do not intuitively understand.


Wow, thanks for the link. That kind of stuff never really occurred to me, but of course seems obvious now that I read it. It would explain why when I finish my evening Soylent I am not hungry, but once I have a cracker or something my appetite rears its ugly head again.


No problem. I actually had to look it up after I heard Rob mention it in the above interview. Makes sense though!


Wow for me too. I had the same experiences. I guess this can be used to help gain weight as well as lose weight if you apply it differently.