Number of Rosa Labs employees


Does anyone know how many people they employ? Only thing I can find from a while ago is 10…I know that can’t be acurate


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Not enough.


Probably more than 10. But, They outsource most of the work to other companies. I don’t think any Rosa Labs employees are doing the packing or shipping.


They just do the worrying.



1 to take care of orders
9 to censor dissenting opinions on the forum

(totally non-serious reply lol)


And the employee filling out orders is on sabbatical of course. :slight_smile:


The answer will be here in a month or 2


Is Rosa Labs the new Apple? Its fans are rabid, devout and dedicated. They forgive the farts but get upset at the delays. Apart from MS at the Windows 95 era and Apple (always) I don’t remember seeing a company with this kind of following.


There’s a big difference, Apple is 100% marketing, they sell sex appeal, Soylent is 100% product, they sell a (rather unsexy) solution to a problem… or at least they keep promising to.

The disgusting thing is that I can’t figure out which is the better approach, financially speaking.


Give Soylent time to get its thing together.

I disagree with the fact that Apple is 100% marketing but it’s true that Soylent has the potential to be significantly bigger than Apple.


I doubt Soylent will become that big - at least, not on its own / as it is run now. Either someone big will buy them out, or someone big will make a competing product and push them aside. (I’ve heard rumblings of the 2nd scenario being in the early stages, already)


I thought Nestle had something similar with Nespresso?


They’re working on it, but it’s not out yet, and sounds like it may be a while.