Nutmeg & Cinnamon!


Bit the bullet on trying cinnamon in my soylent this morning. I added a little nutmeg in there too. Wow! It was absolutely fantastic! This was so good, almost like drinking a milkshake for breakfast.


How much of each did you put in this morning? I have been tempted to try the same thing.


I just sprinkled it out of the bottle. I didn’t even think to measure. I’m going to say about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of nutmeg for a single serving of soylent.


I find that 1/4 tsp per 28 oz soylent shake is a fine quantity for cinnamon. I’d say 1/4 tsp of nutmeg for a single shake would start to taste a little medicine-y but YMMV. It tastes a zillion times better if you grate it freshly from a whole nutmeg, btw. Just an order of magnitude better.


Mine could have been closer to your measurements. I used about half the nutmeg as I did cinnamon so your measurements look really good. @SchlotkinMD, I would start with evilOlive’s suggestion.


Personally I’m using pumpkin pie spice lately


Okay, that’ll be next on my list.


Mmmm pie spice that is yummy.
So is 100% Maple syrup. Just a little little bit seems to neutralize some of the odd flavors in the soylent.


I like adding in maple syrup into my baked soylent when I’m looking for something sweet - Currently have a chocolate maple soylent with a coconut flour base.


Which is mostly cinnamon and nutmeg, with a pinch of allspice thrown in as well. :slight_smile: MAKE YOUR OWN! And add powdered ginger to it as well. Num.

Also- Making Gorditas with the masa by mixing masa, salt, chili powder, cayenne pepper and water to form a dough, patting it into discs, and then pan frying them in your oil for the day will produce tasty little dry bready pockets. If you slice them open at one end you can stuff them with say, shredded cabbage and beans, top with some jalapeno lime crema or maybe a little spicy red salsa, and voila, tasty tasty tasty way to get your masa in. Now you take the rest of your soylent stuff and make yourself a tasty milky drink, not entirely unlike horchata, if you add cinnamon! :smiley: (I got bored with soylent yesterday and took inspiration from the people chow red recipe.) Yum!