Nutri/Magic Bullet (or other small blenders)

Just wondering if anyone using a personal blender (18-24oz), (not immersion) has to say about their experiences mixing Soylent/soylent? Not for the full 2000+ kcal servings but for smaller meal or snack options? Can it handle ice? Does it clean easy? I see on the bullet brand blenders they have a variety of motor size/power options as well as blades. Personally I’m thinking in terms of Schmoylent or other DIY blends. For Soylent 1.4 I’ll probably stick with the Takeya shaker. If I were to mix 2000kcal of both I wouldn’t be able to consume it in 48hrs :frowning: Thanks.

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@GregH This is how I prepare Soylent in the morning. It works fine. I usually add a little water first, then the powder just in case some of it sticks. It is also great if you want to toss in any extra ingredients.

Cool, thanks! Can it handle ice? Do you have the 600W normal or the 900W pro version? Just wondering if I can get by with the cheaper one :smile:

I’d have to double check, but I assume the cheaper version (I did not pay more than $80). I just blend 5 to 7 times at 5 to 6 seconds each blend. I like to add berries and ice.

With regards to clean up, I add a bit of water and put the blender head back on and shake it, thats tends to remove andy left overs. Then into the dish washer :smiley:

I found it useful productivity wise to have 4 of the smaller cups (forgive me I do not know the technical term).

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I’ve never had any interest in mixing up a serving at a time, but now that the oil is premixed, the option’s much more attractive.


I’ve been using the nutribullet magic bullet from the beginning when adding flavoring like PB2 , frozen fruit. Yes it can handle ice cubes. This is a mid level unit. I used the cheap version before this & it also worked fine. Btw I have done Soylent single servings in it.


Why limit yourself to a small blender? A Total Blender handles anything you throw at it. It really reduces the separation over time. Especially for some of the DIY recipes or add-ins like frozen fruit, ice, etc.

Why not go all the way? Vitamix or go home!


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Cuz I’m only having 350-500 cal/day… If the stuff would last more than 48hrs I would!

IMO the “48hrs” is extremely conservative. I just don’t see why it would spoil that fast in a cold fridge.

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Yeah… @axcho says Schmoylent should be good for more than 48hrs… The longest I’ve gone is 60…
I never really understood the 48hr limit. I usually mix Soylent/Schmoylent with ice to start so it really spends little time mixed at room temp. Still not sure I’d push 4-5 days though, I’ve read some horror stories on here about spoiled Soylent…

Yeah, in my experience, three days is a good guideline. Four days is pushing it. Five days? Throw it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I made 1.1 in a Vitamix it came out kind of frothy. And stayed that frothy even after spending the night in the fridge. I suppose I ran the speed too high, but I didn’t care for it that way.

I wonder if aeration reduces the shelf life? Or is it all about time spent at room temperature? How is it that milk can survive in the fridge for 1-2 weeks but Soylent is only 48-60 hrs? I wouldn’t want RL or CBF to add preservatives, but if there were ways the customer could keep this stuff good for 4-5 days that be pretty cool.

Pasteurization (and ultra-pasteurization).

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