Nutrient profiles Confusion?


So i have been wondering ever sens i started on the diy track; what kind of nutrition profile should we actually use? We could use our own countries recommendations. or chose one of the standards.

But then i wonderd what the hell recommended of the

Rob’s recommendation

Rob’s Newest Recommendation

U.S. government DRI

what would be the beset? especially considering the higher base nutrients in the Rob’s recommendations compared to the “standard” US government profile

any thoughts from the Soylent team @rob @JulioMiles and the whole DIY community


IIRC Rob is a runner. The extra exercise requires a higher caloric intake.


well yes that may apply to the calories, with you can modify anyway, but the real question is with the micro nutrients.


Pick one you like and go with it. Stick with it till you notice a deficiency then either pick another one or fix the current one your using. If you never notice a deficiency then great. I personally go with the FDA recommendations.


We at 100%FOOD follow FDA recommendations,
while offer Double protein for bodybuilding and Low Carb for weight loss.


well I’m not quite prepared to pay 10X the price for only geting 3000kcal. theres no fun in that :stuck_out_tongue:
@horsfield it’s not really about geting a deficiency (that kan take a long time), but about witch are the most effective for the boddy, but ecpecialy if your a quite active individual.