Nutrilent - An Independent Review


I just received my Nutrilent this morning and couldn’t wait to try it. Here’s my independent review:

  1. Their web site is fairly basic compared to some others but still functions easily to order and pay for. I didn’t get a tracking number but delivery was quick, ordered on the 2nd June and received on the 8th June. Packaging was good, sturdy cardboard box and the meals are small individual packages. I thought the packaging was just a little flimsy for pouring into the blender but didn’t spill any. You need scissors to cut the tops and just pour it in. The packages are foil, black and white with Super Food in big letters on the front. They include a cardboard instruction list with a greeting, quite a friendly greeting in fact. They emphasise the dream of feeding the world with robust, cheap and efficient food. It all looks professional. Cost was reasonable at 10 Euros for the five bag sample and postage was another 15 Euros. They offer free postage on orders over 100 Euros. They offer 90 meals for 150 Euros which compares favourably with others I’ve tried.

  2. Mixing was dead easy, I used a Nutribullet rather than the shaker. I have to say, the shaker is the best I’ve seen. A screw top lid and a screw top mouthpiece. Sturdy and fit for purpose. I was pleasantly surprised to find a free package of banana flavour sitting inside the shaker. Leaving it to settle in the fridge makes it thicker than it is just freshly mixed and the flavour was definitely strawberry, the best flavoured soylent I’ve had so far and I’ve tried six different soylents now. Smooth with just a hint of graininess, not grit, just graininess. It is very tasty and I understand it contains real strawberry. Each package contains 165g of product. I weighed each packet and all but one weighed 180g’s, the other weighing 177g’s. An empty bag weighed 5g so slightly more than stated. For comparison, a single bag of Jake contains 115g’s so a lot more powder to mix up. They suggest mixing with milk, which would add to the calories and probably affect the taste too, I don’t think I would add milk but the option is there. With a net weight of 165g and an actual net weight of 175g’s, I imagine that there are slightly more calories than the 2121 the consumption of three packets state.

  3. I’m diabetic and used my blood monitor to see how it affected my blood sugar over the course of 15 minute stages. Reading is in mmol scale and the results are:

       Start -   6.8
       15 min - 13.0
       30 min - 14.3
       45 min - 15.7
       60 min - 14.4
       75 min - 12.2
       90 min -  7.8
       105 min - 6.2

Nutrilent does contain maltodextrin and I’ve had some bad readings from some of the soylents I’ve used in the past. Nutrilent did give a slightly high reading and peaked at 15.7 and reduced quite quickly. I shall track this each day I use it. I have a slight concern at the elevation in the reading but satisfied that it comes back to normal pretty quickly.

  1. Overall, I’m really pleased with Nutrilent. I like their mission statement and I like the product, I’ll certainly order more in the future and would recommend it. It tastes good, reasonably priced and it leaves you feeling satiated after consuming.

  2. Any negative points? Not really. I can’t find anything to fault it other than not providing a tracking number once the order was fulfilled. I did note that some of the micronutrients are greater than 100%. For example thiamin at 218% and manganese at 320% of the daily values.

Please note, I am not affiliated with Nutrilent in any way, this is a completely independent review and I received no incentive to write it. The views I state are entirely my own.


Sorry, there was one point which really stands out and which I forgot to mention, Nutrilent comes in single meal bags. No fiddling with scales or scoops. Definitely the way to go


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Thanks for the extended review Dave! We really appreciate it since we are just new in the game and are looking for some feedback. Sorry about not sending the tracking number. We are in the midst of setting up our shipping system which sends the tracking numbers automatically after shipment. I normally tear open the bag by pulling on both sides or try to tear it from the top where the serrated edges are. We are currently looking for an addon for our packaging machine which will make the top easier to tear.

Sorry for the shipping costs. Since we just started we can’t get better deals with the shipping companies and are actually taking a loss on shipping costs. This is something that will better itself in the future tho.

We always try to hide a different flavor in the shaker bottle so you can try other flavors too. I hope you liked the banana flavor!

Due to a small last minute recipe change the total amount of powder per package increased to 170gr. But since we already had the packaging printed we couldnt change that. Thats why it says 165gr while it should be 170gr. The calorie count is correct so no worries about that.

Adding milk does indeed add in caloric value which is sometimes handy for people which need a higher caloric count.

There is nothing to worry about the micronutrients which are over 100% Thiamin is generally considered safe and nontoxic, even at high doses. Doses higher than 100 mg may cause drowsiness or muscle relaxation, however 3 bags of Nutrilent only contain 2.4mg. The high manganese levels are because of the oat flour which is high in manganese. 3 bags contain 6mg which is under the 11mg threshold.

It makes me so happy to read reviews like this. Thank you for ordering and I’m really glad you liked it. I will try to better the points you mentioned and hope to hear from you again.


If you search the forum you find a great number of complaints about the various versions of soylent, some complain about the flavour, the slimy taste, the grit etc. I’m horrified at the number of people who have bought batches they can’t use and end up trying to sell on or swap.

It is to your credit that you hit the market with a product that does mix well and tastes good.


Thanks @davidmccarlie

I’ve just placed an order myself. The single serving bags interests me.

Would you say it is sweeter than Soylent 1.4 ?


I never tried soylent 1.4, I’m in the UK and it’s not available here. I have tried most of the European brands and Nutrilent is definitely the most flavoursome. It’s not sweet as such or at least it’s not sweetened by the addition of extra sugar, the flavour comes from the added fruit. From their web site I read that they use five strawberries in each bag and that gives the flavour. It’s pleasant, no doubt about that. I wrote a complimentary review about Jake some weeks ago and Jake, to me, was not at all unpleasant to drink but it didn’t have a flavour, even though it was vanilla. You could smell the vanilla but you couldn’t taste it.

Nutrilent comes close to being like a strawberry milkshake. I had my second drink this morning having kept the blended drink in the fridge overnight and this thickened the drink a little and was still very pleasant to consume. I’d be very interested to hear what you think of it when you have tried it.

Single serve bags are excellent, definitely the way to go. It was a real fiddle to weigh out a third of a bag and then try to reseal it again. It’s interesting that Jake and Nutrilent went straight for the single bag products, I’m surprised that soylent didn’t do that from the start.


I tried the banana one this morning, this was the free bag inside the shaker, and it was great. From their web site, the flavouring comes from a half banana. I have to say, Nutrilent is the most flavoursome and best tasting of all the soylents I have tried. I wish I had gone for the variety pack rather than just strawberry.


makes me glad i ordered the variety pack :smiley:
though i hope the vanilla can compete against the other flavors