Nutrilent Review


So I saw the thread about yet another soylent alternative and decided to check them out. I ordered yesterday en was going to receive my package tomorrow but since the production site was close by I drove over there and picked it up. i chatted a little bit with the founders and they gave me a tour. To be honest I never expected them to be so big for a company that just started. They have this warehouse stacked with the raw materials. They had a couple of the ingredients locked up in shipping containers. Apparently mice love oat flour and you have to secure it very well to avoid them getting to it. I wonder how the other guys like joylent are doing this since they also use oat flour. in the back they have built the production room. Its some kind of sealed clean room with a higher air pressure inside so nothing get’s in. They have this automatic production line which looks like something out of how it’s made. I was hypnotized by the packaging machine hahaha you don’t get to see something like that everyday. It’s pretty ingenious though. They have taken the human element out of it to make it as hygienic as possible and to never worry about backlogs like most companies are having. Unless the machine breaks of course then they would be pretty much screwed. So I ordered a 90 meal variety pack. They added 15 more because I came all the way over there which was a nice gesture.

When I arrived at home I quickly mixed a batch. They provide a free shaker which is nice. It’s a different style than what the others provide but its still just a shaker. I love the design of the overall product tho. Very stylish and professional! The manual inside the box had some tips which were already known by me but could be very useful to people who are new with the product. So I filled a shaker with milk and the banana flavored one and the first thing I loved is the fact that they are packed per shake. I always spilled some powder when measuring and it’s really hard to take it with you when it’s packed per day instead of per meal. Flavor was alright. It’s got a little less nutty flavor than joylent but the difference is only noticeable when you compare them at the same time. I’ll post updates at the end of the week


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So how does this compare to Soylent?


Thanks for the review!

I noticed you said you mixed it with milk. Is that the official recommendation (like Schmilk), or can you use water and still get everything you need?


The nutrition facts are without the added milk. The user manual just mentions to mix it with milk to get a better flavor or higher caloric value which is perfect for me since I’m a little bigger.


It’s a difficult comparison since the taste and texture is completely different. I never loved the the taste of Soylent. I mean it was okay but it didn’t taste great or something. This one is a lot closer to tasting great tho. At first I expected some banana candy flavor but they use real fruit powder so I was surprised when it actually tasted like a real banana. I’m gonna try the strawberry flavor in a bit. I hope I get the same surprise! The nutrition facts are quite different too since its the EU RDI vs US RDI.


I wonder why that is. Are we not all humans with the same core biology? I am intrigued by your review of Nutrilent. I began Soylent right when 1.4 released and have been pretty pleased. If I find that I do not like 1.5 I will likely try out this product.


I’m just waiting for my Nutrilent to arrive. I did contact them regarding the amount of sugar in the carbohydrates and was advised that sugar provides 10.56g of the 264g of carbohydrate it comprises.


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