Nutrition Facts Don't Add Up


Looking in detail at the nutrition facts, I found a slight inconsistency in the total Calorie count when performing a Calorie break-down.

One serving of Soylent, without the oil, is said to provide 510 Calories total. If however, we add the amount of Calories from carbs: 84grams * 4calories/gram = 336calories and the amount of calories from proteins: 38grams * 4calories/gram = 152calories, we obtain 488 Calories.

Now, the Soylent pouch states there’s 5 grams of fat in total per serving, that would be 5grams * 9calories/gram = 45 Calories from fat. Adding up all that would give us: 336 Calories from carbs + 152 Calories from protein + 45 calories from fat = 533 total Calories, which is not what is stated on the package.

Why this inconsistency? Are they accounting for the slight loss of product that occurs naturally during preparation?



Wouldn’t the calories values vary based on source? Not just type?


I do believe the 4kcal/gram is an approximation


Those are the generally accepted approximations. Looks like yet another problem with the packaging. @Soylent


Because it’s not exactly 4 kcal/g. That’s rounded to the nearest whole number.


Also, there are carbohydrates as certain fibers that you can subtract, if I recall correctly. Not sure if this applies to Soylent or not – just off the top of my head.


@mmortal03 is correct: you’re not subtracting the 9g of fiber per serving. It also helps to use the more accurate numbers of 4.1 kcal/g for carbs and protein, and 8.8 kcal/g for fats. This means that without the oil we have:

(84 - 9) * 4.1 = 307 kcal from carbs
38 * 4.1 = 155.8 kcal from protein
5 * 8.8 = 44 kcal from fat
307 + 155.8 + 44 = 506.8 kcal total
506 kcal rounded according to FDA regulations = 510 kcal

No problem here.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification.