Nutrition labels and extra phosphorous


Hi everyone, I wanted to run something by you guys and see what you think.

A user on the /r/soylent subreddit made a post regarding how nutrition labels are not presenting all of the information available for a given product. In the post the user references the Whole Oat Powder, which is used in the popular “Beginner’s DIY Soylent” recipe ( If we look at the full nutrition information for oats (, we’ll notice that oats actually have a whole lot of phosphorous in them. In the given recipe, we are currently getting 500mg of phosphorous from Monosodium Phosphate. However, if you look at the full nutrition information for oats, you’ll notice that 100g of oats provides us with 523mg of phosphorous. I’m personally adding more oats to my mix to adjust for my body type, so I shouldn’t need the extra phosphorous from the monosodium phosphate. Now, given this information, should we even being using monosodium phosphate if we’re using oats in our recipe?


I think most recipes are already corrected for the micronutrients in their oat powder…


I would hope so. However, in some of the recipes I’ve seen, the author is only taking into consideration the nutritional information that is given on the label of the product itself. Since this information is incomplete, some people may be consuming more nutrients than they should. Anyway, here’s the original reddit thread that brought up this concern:


I always check nutritiondata for my stuff, and everyone who is making a soylent recipe should. But some info is hard to dig up. For example monosodium phosphate is only 25% phosphorus by mass. I only just found out, right before finishing my soylent recipe. So the dose of monosodium phosphate should be 2.8g to get to 100% of RDA which is 700mg.