Nutrition Q&A: Pros and cons of Soylent - washington post



Pretty reasonable article, IMO.


For once not a smear campaign.


Hurray for print journalism! How about some more comments at the Post?


Nice–a dietician who says “To each their own” and doesn’t freak out at the idea that some people aren’t as comfortable with conventional food preparation as she is. Yep, a reasonable article.


great article indeed


Agreed, relatively reasonable. It’s funny, I guess if your life revolves around food and food choices (like a dietician!) then Soylent is almost antithesis to their entire existence. I agree with most of the “cons”, in that they are really more social than anything, which shows how much humanity is tied to food consumption.


I think such posts confirm that Soylent got it’s place on a food market.
Soon we can expect more reviews about “nutritionally complete food category” and comparisons.

Soylent vs. Haute cuisine restaurants?