Nutrition spreadsheet for differing amounts of Soylent


Hi there. I’m a longtime DIY lurker and an early backer. I have been living with official product (Soylent capital S) since May, on and off. I am currently using it exclusively but more often I drink it in morning / day and have a “real” meal with family dinner.

I found myself wanting to be able to scale up and scale down the nutrition information, and the “meal” metric did not work for me. I was too unsure if a “meal” was 1/3 of a pouch or not (I have seen a blog post from @JulioMiles suggesting a pouch was really 3.5 meals).

So I created a spreadsheet. I used as my base metric one full pouch, one full oil bottle, and sufficient water to fill the Takeya pitcher (66 fl oz). Then I scaled up and down from there to get 1oz, 1ml, and other profiles of my typical container sizes.

You might find the spreadsheet useful – I’ve linked it. It is open to view by all with link.

Note I also indicated some benchmark weights and measures for Soylent powder and oil mix, as these are not indicated on packaging nor in official info. I did that essentially to make it easier to pre-measure 1/2 pouch amounts for travel. (I take a 1l Nalgene with me.)

Premixed info is: Powder=442g; Oil Blend = 65ml.

(If you are weighing, you might also like to know tare weight for the pouch is 16g.)