Nutrition vs Weight Loss


If you like the idea of doing DIY go for it, I’ve been doing it for a couple years and love it. :grin: I’d recommend trying to anyone so inclined. I don’t take time daily to prep my mix, but rather make a couple months supply at a time, which then is mixed daily like you would any soylent powder.

If you prefer a product ‘off the shelf’ to mixing your own DIY I’d recommend you check out, which is owned/operated by a well known, long time member here.

I believe he’s still using some recipes that require you to add oil to get your fats, so you could simply only add the bare minimum for your needs. He does have some milk based recipes though, so watch out for those as the fat content would be more difficult to control.

He built his business doing custom recipes for folks, but I believe he’s no longer doing that as the business has simply gotten to large, and now just has a selection of recipes to fit different needs. @axcho, are you doing any custom work these days? If not, which of your recipes would you recommend for someone trying to limit fat intake like this lady?


I applaud you for taking steps to get out ahead of it before it gets worse. Also, if it’s not chronic, then there’s no broad recommendation for a very low-fat diet that I’m aware of (or at least, not that I see online). In that case, the major dietary prescription is digestive tract rest while you recover, and a liquid Soylent diet may be easier on you than “solid food.”

Although Soylent doesn’t sell sample singles, I’ll bet you can buy one from someone else here on the forums… Or buy one week from Soylent, and sell the rest if you don’t like it. Also, the third parties doing different blends will pretty much all sell samples.


I’m not currently doing custom recipes for people, but you can limit fat intake in a number of ways. One would be to use Schmilk with 1% milk (or skim milk if you really want to go as low as possible). You could also use Light Fuel with a minimal amount of olive oil.

Some amount of fat is necessary in order to absorb Vitamin A, D, E and K, so I wouldn’t go to absolutely zero fat, but it’s pretty easy to adjust fat intake with the current Super Body Fuel recipes.

Also, we do single-meal samples. Just email us at hello at super body fuel dot com. :wink:


Thank you for the information! I was thinking about just giving the 2.0 a try until I seen a new thread about bad batches :disappointed:



Can you clarify one thing for me it appears SchmiIk doesn’t help much with weight loss. My goal is to reduce the risk of pancreatitis as well as lose weight. Does this change your recommendation? I was going to try the samples but all out of stock. Many deterrents today :disappointed:


Thanks for all your advice! :smiley:


The biggest factor in losing weight is managing the calories. Fewer calories means losing weight.

(The second biggest factor is getting enough protein, especially if you’re cutting the calories hard.)

Those being said… a lot of people find that that they “naturally” lose weight when the go on a Soylent diet. I believe this is because people suck at guessing how much they eat. (This is actually a well-known scientific finding; even professional nutritionists can screw up wildly when eyeballing food; you need to break it down and do the math to be sure how many calories are in things.)

When you go on a Soylent-type diet, you simply can’t fool yourself. If you have four bottles of Soylent 2.0 at 400 kcal per bottle, you’ve had 1600 kcal. Definitely. Even if you drink it mindlessly, when the bottle is empty, you’re done.

Versus… how many handfuls of potato chips was that?

I’d suggest you find a soylent-type food you’re happy with and can tolerate, and see if you have any problems with your recovery. Meanwhile, start weighing yourself. You may find that once you get your diet on an even keel, your body may start to go the direction you want before you have to go to any extremes. Many people spontaneously lose weight and feel better; the worse your diet was before, the better you tend to feel after.

If your weight doesn’t move… or if it eventually stops going down… then you can go looking into better approaches for weight loss.

Of course, if you’re on a “I want to get well and make progress right now” kick, by all means, take advantage of your energy and dedication! But if not, there’s no rule that you have to change everything at once.

Again, good luck!


Thanks very much appreciate all your time and advice!


There are people who use Schmilk to lose weight, but normally I would recommend a low-carb, high-fat diet (like Keto Fuel or Light Fuel) for people trying to burn fat.

However, since that’s not an option for you, restricting calories with a low-fat version of Schmilk could be a decent alternative.


Great thank you…very helpful!


Have you tried a low sugar diet? Given that your problem is pancreas-related, I’d think it would be something the doctor would already have had you try.


I have, actually that was prior to my pancreas-related issues.



Most people know that the pancreas creates insulin for the body, and the popularity of paleo, keto, and other low-carb diets ensures people are frequently discussing insulin…

But the pancreas creates multiple hormones to put into the blood in response to eating: insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, PP… these direct how the body will respond to incoming nutrients after they get into the blood.

The pancreas also secretes multiple digestive enzymes and compounds directly into the duodenum (the first portion of the intestine immediately after the stomach): enzymes to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates… these help get the nutrients to break down so that they can get into the blood.

The pancreas is a chemical factory, but also a key regulator of the processing and consumption of all sorts of food and nutrients into energy… So whichever macronutrient you eat in excess, the pancreas has to work hard to address that particular excess. It’s just not well-known outside of being “the insulin factory.”

If the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin, the person suffers from a form of diabetes - something we can treat with insulin injections - but the pancreas still does all its other jobs and the person can still live a fairly normal life and eat most normal food.

But if the pancreas is destroyed due to a disease like cancer, the person will die (like Steve Jobs.) It’s a critical organ for the body.


It’s very important to know the cause of the pancreatitis before you attempt to correct your bodyweight.
If you have asymptomatic gallstones and the pancreatitis is a result of backflow of bile, then that must be treated before you attempt to lose weight aggressively, because weight loss is VERY likely to cause an increase in cholesterol being removed by the liver and that results in faster stone formation – about 1/4 to 1/3 of women who use a low-fat diet get gallstones from it. This statistic comes from a test run in the 90s that used a Nutri-System-like diet. If you MUST lose weight, then you can reduce the danger with a daily aspirin, though it would be better if you could get a prescription for ursodiol.
(Inforrmation: )

Best of luck.


Thanks for the information unfortunately I am classified as one of those patients with unexplained pancreatitis. I am only a social drinker it could at most be once a month or as little as a 2 or 3 times a year and I had my gallbladder removed after my last pregnancy 26 years ago. I know this makes no sense but I had both of my pancreatic flares after I had made attempts to make healthier choices such as eating healthier and exercising. :confused:

So now that you have a little more history what would be your recommendation while attempting to lose weight?

Thank you


You should have a doctor who can give you good recommendations. If your doctor is fat, then they clearly don’t know/can’t follow their own guidelines, so treat them with a grain (block) of salt in that case; you’ll need to eat only what you need to sustain your healthy bodyweight at your activity level (without nutrient deficiencies.)

BTW, It’s still possible to get gallstones without a gall bladder, or so we were told. Have they checked for that? Usually it’s an ultrasound or a CAT or PET scan. Those latter can be expensive.

I saw elsewhere that you were using Soylent 2.0, which ought to be perfectly safe as part of a reduced calorie diet.

Your two levers are your diet and your activity levels. From your description I am assuming you’re sedentary (as are most people who work in desk jobs nowadays.)

You will need to, not necessarily EXERCISE, but become non-sedentary. Being sedentary is a major part of our collective problem with not burning calories. If you’re able to walk for 30 minutes a day, then do so – ten minutes at a time if necessary. If you’re trying to find exercises that won’t aggravate arthritis, then demand that your doctor recommend a properly skilled physical therapist who can teach you some exercises that will work. Even standing more than you sit is a good thing.

Then comes controlling the diet.

Do not do one of the super-low-calorie fasting diets. Those used to be prescribed to people who couldn’t gain weight and were unhealthily skinny. You could do that with Soylent but it wouldn’t be a wise thing to do.

Instead, figure out your lean body weight – there are electro-capacitance scales that do a good enough job – and then figure out what your ‘optimal’ weight would be based on that. E.g. a woman with a lean body mass of 120 pounds and an 18 percent body fat (average) should weigh about 145 pounds (120 = 0.82n -> 120/0.82 = n -> 146 pounds.)

Set your targeted daily calories based on that bodyweight and it will automatically contain a deficit. Of course, you might need to eat more than that at first to keep from losing too fast, which is as bad as not losing.

You might want to try the ‘limited fast’ approach given elsewhere in this thread, or you might want to try the ‘no sugar spikes’ method where you don’t ever let your blood sugars drop too far from hunger (and thus don’t stress the pancreas.) Your doctor, and your own body, should be able to tell you if this will work.

And the key is being consistent.


I’ve had chronic pain issues for years and after a long journey, countless so-called doctors that had no clue what was wrong with me but happily up-selled me to come back 2 - 3 times a week(!!) I narrowed it down to 2 solutions, getting my first vertebrae (atlas) corrected which was rotated and doing a cleanse to get rid of parasites. I just had the atlas adjustment and the improvement is dramatic ! I cried for 5 minutes for joy because of the relief, most of the pain suddenly stopped. I’m starting the parasite cleanse tomorrow, I think I will do a top level post and chronic how I’m doing on it and if there are any improvements.

Atlas adjustments:


Hope either of those suggestions might be helpful for you. Wishing you all the best that you get well soon.


@soy, I’m very glad you’re feeling better. This board is an evidence-based community, though, and there’s no evidence-based rationale for cleanses or spinal manipulation.

The colon remains ground zero for detox advocates. They argue that some
sort of toxic sludge (sometimes called a mucoid plaque) is accumulating
in the colon, making it a breeding ground for parasites, Candida
(yeast) and other nastiness. Fortunately, science tells us otherwise:
mucoid plaques and toxic sludge simply do not exist. It’s a made-up idea
to sell detoxification treatments. Ask any gastroenterologist (who look
inside colons for a living) if they’ve ever seen one. There isn’t a
single case that’s been documented in the medical literature. Not one.


@asympt I’m also happy I’m feeling better, thanks :slight_smile:

I appreciate your natural skepticism and it’s not my goal to convince you of anything, we can disagree. But we might have simple semantic differences. I never heard of mucoid plaque before you mentioned it. I was talking about parasites which are well studied, known to cause certain problems, and known how to get rid off.

I’m not sure what you understand under spinal manipulation, it might be something very different from what I mentioned. I had an x-ray made by an independent facility that showed by how many degree my first vertebrae was rotated in respect to my skull and 2nd vertebrae. Now it’s adjusted and back in place. For a scientific and evidence-based community this should certainly qualify. Here are spiral CT scans of misalignements:

Feel free to remain skeptic and thanks again for your feedback which allowed be to clarify a few points.


Parasitic infections are, in fact, well-studied diseases with known treatments.

The cleanse you link to, however, clearly states “our products do not cure or treat any disease.”