Nutritional Needs Calculator


Hi all!

In the course of my Soylent making, I made a spreadsheet which estimates how much of each essential nutrient an adult needs, based on their sex, height, weight, age, and physical activity level. I simply followed the U.S. government’s DRI standards, found at


  1. This is only for adults between the ages of 19 and 50, who are not pregnant or nursing.
  2. I may have made a mistake writing the spreadsheet, or failed to include some important nutrient. (Please let me know if you find an error of this type.)
  3. These nutrient levels are estimates based on fancy statistics the government did. They may not be right for you.
  4. I chose to include only nutrients currently recognized by science as essential. I felt that otherwise there would be no systematic way to choose what, and how much of each thing, to include. This part is up to you.

Here it is:

You need to download the spreadsheet in order to edit it and put in your personal information. (I hope it works for you.) Please let me know if you have suggestions. Also let me know if you use it – I would be flattered. Happy soylent making!


Hi all! I found some coding errors in this spreadsheet which meant that most of the values were actually incorrect. I fixed the spreadsheet. Please download it again if you used the old version. I very much apologize.


I added an update which includes amounts for the essential amino acids. (Now linked in the first post.)


Extremely useful, thank you. I have been looking for something with amino acids


it would be amazing if you could include upper limits in it.


it would be amazing if you could include upper limits in it.

I was actually thinking of doing that. Thanks for the suggestion; I will bump it higher on my priority list.


Upper limits added. I also fixed another error: the sulfur amount is now 2g, not 2mg.


Thanks for the updated file!


I think your RDA for valine for adult males is off. I believe it’s .024g/kg/d:


@JosephK: You’re right; thank you very much for catching that! It is fixed.


@nwthomas This was so helpful. Thank you!


This was very useful. I have only been looking into Soylent for several days though this is exactly what I needed and will make it substantially easier to give it a shot.

I really really appreciate this!


I like this paired with @nickp’s app nutrient profiles. Entered in my info, calorie level, fat/protein/carb percentages, etc, put it into the site… and bam, customized nutrient profile to compare formulas against :stuck_out_tongue: