Nutritional Profile of Sweet Potato Flour


Hello all, I want to include Sweet Potato flour as part of my carb mixture, but I can’t find a complete nutritional profile on it, just the simple profiles on the back of packages. Would this be a valid source for the nutritional profile even though its based on raw sweet potatos?


Is there a reason you want to use sweet potato flour?


[This paper] ( may have what you need, I haven’t read far into it though.


Thank you, but this only gives me the amount of essential and nonessential amino acids per 16 grams of nitrogen in the sweet potato flour.


Only that from what I’ve seen it has a good amount of nutrients, low glycemic load/index, and no fat, and I like sweet potato, so it should be an interesting taste. I have oat flour as my primary source, but it raises my fat to high. If you have something better in mind that fits my rubric and has the full nutritional profile available somewhere, I would greatly appreciate your input. Low phytic acid levels is a plus btw.


What are your macros?
What is your Daily kcal goal?
Do you have a recipe on the DIY soylent page I can see?


Also, I would assume sweet potato flour is heated and cooked slightly before being ground… I would use a profile similar to a sweet baked potato, unseasoned.

#8 it seems this page has all the information you need. (though it isn’t “flour”)


after scrolling down, that does give a pretty solid description of the micros.


This is what I’m in the process of working on. So far it is incomplete, but i have too much fat already, so I wanted to lower the amount of oat flour by 1/3 and replace my remaining needed carbohydrates with the sweet potato flour. I dont know how this affects the rest of the recipe, as I do not know the complete nutritional profile, but I will be looking in to the things suggested here today. I know some of the values may seem odd, mainly the cold pressed canola oil values, which i grabbed off the bottle. If someone can let me know which one is more accurate, i would greatly appreciate it. The brands and in the recipe.


There is a post about wheatflour if you are not gluten sensitive.


If I read that right, your taking a pre-natal multi, and your question, is to ascertain the exact micros of some of your ingredients, namely the potato flour? Is this because your worried about not getting enough of everything, or because your simply have a slight OCD nature and want to know exactly? Personally, I don’t worry about my micros as long as I take a multi and added some green grass powder to my mix. Many of the micros “MAX” levels are only based on what researchers found as the average intake in an area and very few studies have been done to determine actual max safe levels for a majority of nutrients.

Also, I am prolly bias on this, because I’m DIY Keto Soylent, but why do you want your fat so low? As long as your micros are good, and your kcals are in the right. Also, I notice your omega 3/6 ratio is 1/6. If you can get that closer to an even ratio, that would be ideal.

With all that being said; If your micros are within your parameters, and oat flour is throwing your preferred macros off, have you thought about adding maldextrin? Its almost 0 in all micros, and is pure carbs. Other ideas;
Tapioca flour
Masa harina
Purple Masa harina (normally organic)
Rice/soy flours
Other Bobs red mills; 10 grain oat flour, almond meal, barley, black bean, flaxseed, etc.

And unless someone (the company or independent group) pays lots of money to send a product off to a lab, much of that info of the exact micros will not be available. It would appear, no one has done that for sweet potato flour, and your best bet is to use a plain, baked one. As for the Canola oil, even though its organic/cold pressed, it should still be VERY similar to regular canola oil in terms of nutrients. Canola is naturally a mix of oils anyway, so it, in itself can vary.


regarding flours…wheat flour too if he isnt gluten sensitive.


Thank you, for the detailed response. Yes, admittedly, it’s partially do to me just being neurotic about recipe profile.

Yes I’m using the pre-natal, it seems to have a more complete spectrum of micros then other men’s vitamins, and it is split into 3 per dri, because I want to try putting directly into my drink, even though many advise against it due to the horrible taste of multis. Should I be worried about it being a prenatal? it doesn’t seem like it will have adverse effects on my “manliness”.

Yes, I know many of the maxes are based on very unproven theory, but due to my lack of knowledge in the field, I can only make my recipe based on the information I can collect on the Internet, which as you probably already know constantly contradicts itself. So, in order to any unnecessary risk I try to stay below the recommended max, whether the information comes from here, or a more credible (more convincing) source.

My caloric intake is for loosing weight and I just wanted to keep my fat low… I guess I could afford to let it exceed the amount I have set by a little bit, but I still have to add another oil to obtain a better omega ratio as you have pointed out. I was thinking of macadamia nut oil, only because I found it interesting. But as you have pointed out I have to raise my omega 6 amount to reach any semblance of a theoretical Ideal ratio. Do you have any suggestions on another oil I should use? I would prefer not to use all canola oil.

10 grain oat flour sounds interesting, I will look into that. I’m trying to keep my glycemic index/load low. I would prefer to avoid rushes and crashes altogether, so maltodextrin is out of the question. But I will look into what you have listed. Has anyone had dealings with isomaltulose? Apart from an inevitable fructose byproduct, it sounds way to good to be true, especially for long term use, so I have steered away from the idea.


Raise it to more than the omega 3. I remember reading way back that it is unhealthy to have omega 6 less than 3. Ideally it should be more than omega 3. A 3:1 or 4:1 (omega 6:omega 3 ) is ideal in my opinion. I dont have the sources for it yet, i will try to post them tomorrow if i can find them. I read about it it a very long time back. I hope i find them.


Pre natals are fine for men. Its just fine tuned for women who might become pregnant. I don’t remember which vitamins though are set higher.

About maxes: Fair point. I would suggest looking up symptoms of varying nutrient deficiencies/overdose, just so that when you start your soylent diet (if not already) you can adjust/add based off personal needs. Every ones different.

Omega 6/3 ratio should be anywhere from 1/1 to no more than 4/1. If you do research on Keto diets and omegas you can learn quite a bit on it, even though your not keto, people on keto discuss omega ratios alot. I really enjoy a mix of oil. I personally use Canola/olive/MCT. I keep the ratio at about 2.5/1/1. Your going to see a lot of people saying oil is bad, but most of that is if your cook/heat up the oil. Since we drink it, its not oxidizing. You can also up your omega 3 by adding in Chia or flax seeds. This is helpful because it also adds fiber and other nutrients if your low on any of those.

I do have a bachelors in nutrition and sports science, and everything I learned (no matter what type of diet your on) says calories in vs. calories out. Generally, if you keep your total kcal just slightly under what you expend, you will lose weight regardless of your macros.

Isomaltulose: I have little experience with it, I would assume in Large quantities, like soylent, it could upset your stomach like all sugars do. It does sound interesting though.

Good luck!


Wont folic acid and iron in pre-natals be too high for men?

Flax and chia have ALA and less than 10% (sometimes even less than 5%) of it is converted to EPA/DHA the ones the body needs.


Pre natal - Depends on the Man, Depends on the nutrients in the rest of the food. Link

I agree they are not the SUPERFOOD people once though, but just because Flax/chia isn’t that great, doesn’t mean its not helpful. It still can provide fiber, add texture and a few other odd nutrients if found lacking. I enjoy the taste personally.


After rechecking your Excel sheet, I change what i said about prenatal. It does look like your Iron intake is too high.


It seems to be iron mostly and a couple of other things.

Do you think i need more omega 3, I already have the amount soylent diy tool recommends. Should I raise it? … Actually can someone recommend a good coldpressed canola oil, because the amounts of omegas on the bottle i found are vastly different from the amount i can find anywhere else. Im thinking about using sunflower oil to increase the amount of omega 6.