Nutritional woo-woo from Mark Hyman MD - from HuffPost's Crappy Articles Dept


Googling for information on nutritionally optimised meals, I got THIS: How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health, by Mark Hyman MD I’ve seen crappy nutritional articles before, but this one takes the cake! It’s incredible to me that an MD would put his name to anything like this. It sounds just like HuffPost’s most radical-leftist-anarchist element gave him a cheat sheet with all the party-line points listed one by one, and somehow he managed to work every one of them into one article, even including “detoxification.” Woo-woo-WOO! Crystal vision MD!


I think the article is hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with Dr. Hyman’s recommendations per se, but he’s chosen to explain it from the perspective of sourcing out free range chickens that were read love poems by the rancher’s daughter, and healing yourself of toxins with quartz crystals and magnets. I wonder if he even understands why he’s recommending things, or if he’s just trying to woo the woo crowd (heh).

Translated into actual science, his recommendations are quite literally:

  1. Don’t eat food full of stuff your body doesn’t need.
  2. Get phytonutrients in your diet, like lutein, lycopene and beta-carotene.
  3. Fiber is important.
  4. Eat protein and get omega-3’s in your diet.
  5. Find a good way to supplement vitamins and minerals that you’re deficient in.


They must have paid him very well.