Nutritionally Complete Ramen


Spotted on reddit, two dudes have come up with ramen that’ll be 500kcal per packet and hit 25% DV for adult nutrition.

More info on it here and here and here


Interesting, I for one certainly enjoy ramen. This might be worth a try.


The estimated price at $3 each looks good. I like anything you can put pepper on!


Nutritionally complete ramen? Nice, but I’m waiting for nutritionally complete pizza. The person who invents that will truly go down it history.


It’s been tried it seems, back in 2012.

I wonder what happened, because you’re right, a Nutritionally Complete Pizza could very well bring about world peace in a roundabout kind of way.


So, EatBalanced make them, but it seems like they’re only available for kids school meals for some reason :frowning:


Wow, this ramen idea looks very promising. It looks to be soy and dairy free with no hard to digest proteins added.


We need nutritionally complete bread.


Sounds interesting, but isn’t the whole concept of people eating a ton of ramen noodles because they are cheap?
$3 per pack doesn’t seem cheap enough for that or am I wrong? (Compared to those packs you can get for a fraction of that). I am sure people will like it anyway, so hope they will do well.


I just spent an hour or so going over these guys’ website, Facebook page, blog, Reddit stuff and a few press articles. I’m pretty excited about this. Their kickstarter begins on the 16th. They said on Reddit that they plan to have a final product by July/August, and if not then, definitely before the new year (this was in response to someone mentioning that they are now turned off by kickstarter campaigns for products in the nutritionally complete future foods space because of the endless delays in the original timeline that Soylent and most products after experienced). These guys were Soylenters since the beginning too, I believe.

Maybe for high school / college students / young adults, [I don’t know about Denmark] but there has been a more ‘high end’ ramen noodle craze going on here in the US for like the better part of a decade now (especially in places like LA & SF). Ramen food trucks have taken over.

It’s more expensive than the brick of Cup Noodles you can get at Costco or wherever, for sure. But the more ‘artisan’ (for lack of a better word) brands of instant noodles are generally in the $3 - $6 range. Plus these are nutritionally complete.

Side note - I came across this while I was going down the Vite Ramen rabbit hole:

A Japanese company that is making nutritionally complete Italian Pasta. They don’t ship to the US yet but it looks like they are gearing up for it. It looks/sounds pretty tasty, based off this review from a guy in the Netherlands:


^ This is a link to a specific timestamp in the review of the Japanese pasta I posted above, the reviewer says “I think [nutritionally] complete bread is just… [puts hands to head and does the mind blown gesture]… the person who invents that is going to be filthy rich.”


why not just buy top ramen at walmart and take a shite multivitamin? throw in some corn oil and whey and you’re good


why not just get McDonald’s and take a vitamin

Soylent, why do you even exist??? :smiley:


Signed up for their mailing list and they sent me a beta survey. Here’s hoping they pick someone who posts here so they can give feedback and compare.


I could hear the woosh on that one from 10k miles away


Because McDonalds + multivitamin does not equal Soylent. Why don’t you try it, and tell us how it goes?


I just tried it and it went great so now I’m launching a Kickstarter for my nutritionally complete McDonald’s future food startup.


The Kickstarter is live (for Vite Ramen, not my nutritionally complete McDonald’s startup)!


Already met their target as well, which is impressive.


Yup, in 67 minutes.