Nutritionally Complete Ramen


Signed up for their mailing list and they sent me a beta survey. Here’s hoping they pick someone who posts here so they can give feedback and compare.


I could hear the woosh on that one from 10k miles away


Because McDonalds + multivitamin does not equal Soylent. Why don’t you try it, and tell us how it goes?


I just tried it and it went great so now I’m launching a Kickstarter for my nutritionally complete McDonald’s future food startup.


The Kickstarter is live (for Vite Ramen, not my nutritionally complete McDonald’s startup)!


Already met their target as well, which is impressive.


Yup, in 67 minutes.


Totally cool. I hope they get this working, I’d love to try it.


Too bad they wont ship to Canada.


27g of protein is overkill. They should bring it down to 20g max. With that said, if they can have this high protein content without adding any difficult to digest protein concentrates/isolates (They’re all difficult to digest of some of us) well that would be AWESOME. Looking forward to seeing how this thing pans out.


27 Grams is hardly overkill. It’s two more grams than what Soylent has at an equal calorie count.

Not to mention that you can eat quite a bit of protein without negative effects (assuming that preexisting conditions aren’t a factor). You need protein to build and sustain muscle, 27 grams per 500 calories is decent. It’s far from being too much, but at the same time it certainly isn’t too little. A good balance overall.


Ahh, 500 calories. You’re right, 27g isn’t overkill. For some reason I thought Soylent was 500 calories too. I think 25g would be better for 500 calories, but again, 27 isn’t overkill.


In the beginning, with the scoop and pouches, Soylent’s listed serving size was 500 calories. They changed the serving size from 500 to 400 with version 1.7, which was released the same month as Cacao and Nectar versions of 2.0 (not sure if coincidence, or if they wanted all products to have same baseline).

Anyways, maybe that’s what you were remembering.


Put pepper in soyent :sunglasses::milk_glass:


My backer order got delivered today (had an estimated delivery date for Aug 2018 when I backed it). Had my first pack of ramen (Soy Sauce Chicken). It was enjoyable but a bit underwhelming /bland. The 2,5 cups of water recommendation is waaay too much and I expect using less water in my next meal will make a big difference. I also didn’t add any other spices or other food to it besides all the packets it comes with. Like Soylent, I imagine it getting better and better as they reformulate and release new versions / products (they have 3 flavors right now). Will definitely scratch the itch I have for solid food around dinner / night time.


Sounds like $13 a meal, plus an incredible handcrafted bowl! Maybe I’d consider it if it included a small fireworks display.


I dunno if “$13 a meal” was an exaggeration (I mean even my backer kit only comes in at like a little over $4 per packet of ramen - and that’s including the shipping, bowl & tshirt into the average price) but the ramen is priced at $3 per packet, cheaper with a subscription (plus when you reach certain cumulative spending goals, you start getting a growing monthly discount).

I was actually most excited about the bowl, it changes color when it is the right temperature to mix in the nutrients packet without losing potency.

EDIT: oh it appears you think that it only came with 12 packets of ramen (12 x $13 = $156), I got 36 packets, as displayed in the screen shot


Right; it’s not such a bad deal, after all.


I just checked their web page, it looks like right now they are not taking orders, still delivering to backers only. It sounds worth trying, once they open up I’ll probably order a box.


The [online] store opens on Monday the 18th to Kickstarter backers only and it will be subscription only to start. Reasoning given for limited availability to start: “the new noodle machine suffered a catastrophic failure during testing” so they are currently using their original machine which is not efficient enough for the current demand.


My second pack of Soy Sauce Chicken was MUCH better with less water plus I added a splash of soy sauce to it. Wasn’t bland at all, was good. EDIT: Oh, and it fills me up soooo much more than Soylent. It’s almost too filling for me, probably because I’m so used to Soylent and still being kinda hungry after a bottle. 500 calories per pack of ramen, btw.