Nutritionally complete snack food?

The makers of 100%Food have launched a Kickstarter for what they’re calling “Molecooles”

Instead of going for a meal replacement bar or the like, they’re making small sweet snacks. Personally, I’d just go with trail mix or something, but I’m curious what other Soylent users think of this idea.

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I didn’t see a good enough argument for how great these are. So it’s hard for me to believe that the launch will succeed. I mean, there are already things called vitamins and various nutritious foods.

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Yes, I’m a bit lost as to the advantage of this too. Looks like it would make for a fun and tasty DIY recipe, but I don’t think I would buy it pre-made.

Not really sure why a snack would need to be nutritionally complete, since it’s a snack and not a staple food. Nutritious is nice, but nutritionally complete seems unnecessary.

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Just think of it as a solid soylent. Which I can definitely see advantages to having.

Can’t see myself spending $25 for 2,000 calories worth of food though.


I’m mostly drinking 2.0 and the rest of my calories are usually from trail mix and low fat cheese. That’s working well for me.

Interesting idea. For 2,000kcal I would need to eat 50 a day. I think I would rather have the protein bar sizing instead of “candy” sizing. I guess it wouldn’t matter if the price was the same.

I would rather have a larger size too, like a 400 or 500 calorie bar. I have backed it anyway as it’ll be interesting to try it, and hopefully could lead to more options later on.

I definitely support the idea of solid Soylent, but generally I picture solid Soylent as an actual meal, or perhaps a half-meal like 2.0. Isn’t that the point of Soylent?

Although I suppose there are probably people who don’t like to or can’t eat a lot at once and would prefer to have smaller meals spaced out with little snacks in between. Say, 3 bottles of 2.0 per day and the rest in snacks. Those people might benefit from this idea. Seems awfully expensive for that type of usage, though.

I generally picture solid Soylent as something like Mealsquares, but less expensive and not gross-tasting.

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