Nutritionist / medical consultant for DIY-soylent marketplaсe


Recently, we receive many questions from both the users and developers who require professional responses (secondary effects, limits of use for vitamins, minerals and proteins, difference in the source of carbs and so on.)

We would like to invite into the team of DIY-soylent marketplace a nutritionist who could respond in forum to questions from users and developers.

Pls. suggest who might be interested below in posts.
Who interested - pls. write me a private message.



Is this a paid position? It would help to know something about the terms when suggesting this to someone who might be interested.


Yes, @asympt - it’s a paid position.
Like every start-up we’re ready to offer some salary, some stock option and a lot of fun :wink:


That’s good to know!


If you are looking for someone to fill that niche for you I would recommend a you search for a dietitian, not a nutritionist.

A dietician is schooled and licensed, a nutritionist is not. A nutritionist can simply be anyone who chooses to call themselves such, and there is no requirement of any kind that they have any qualifications.

As often as nutrition advice is tossed around this forum I would even qualify as a “nutritionist”, as would many of the other amateur (and now professional) DIY’ers in practice, and many other Google warriors.


Thanks for suggestion @kennufs.

Actually we would take any skilled in this area person, who wants to grow with us.
I think powdered foods are in the early beginning of it’s way and proper specialists will grow with the market. So the aspiration is more valuable, than title.


I think you should take @kennufs advice. That quote is a potential invitation to all sorts of crazy.


No worries, just wanted you to be aware. I know many people don’t know there is any difference between dieticians and nutritionists.

I’m sure there are many nutritionists that are very skilled at what they do, and who take a lot of care to get it right. I also don’t think that a formal education or certificate is necessary to be good at what you do, self education of a great thing. Sadly though I expect the majority of nutritionists fall short of acceptable from what little I have seen, and I have seen a lot of people who call themselves nutritionists giving incredibly poor and even scarey advice.

Any title that can be obtained simply by waking up one morning and deciding you want to now be called that thing should be looked at skeptically at the very least. I could update my email sig or Facebook page and viola, I’m suddenly a professional nutritionist.

As a professional representative for your company I do think you may be better served by a dietician. It would lend your company a better, more trustworthy and professional image and may put some at ease that would not have tried your products otherwise.

Whoever you choose I wish you both well. Good luck.


@Spaceman - they’re right. A nutritionist may very well start talking about your aura, a dietician will run things through a lab.


I’m pretty sure that Spaceman is capable of weeding out the wackos. It’d be neat to see someone from the forum get the position - there are a lot of people on these forums that would make great nutritionists. Good luck in your search, @Spaceman !


I’d rather have someone with a scientific background over someone with a strong opinion.


I’d rather see someone with an open mind, critical thinking faculties, and the ability to search the internet effectively than a majority of any scientific backgrounds available. Even most post-grad degrees don’t guarantee any sort of competence. Autodidacts have to justify everything they learn based on other things they have learned previously, whereas formal education tends to spoonfeed people, and results in a majority of graduates lacking the critical understanding of their foundational knowledge. Not always, but most of the time. Autodidactic education is based on not only learning the answers to questions on your subject, but justifying them in the context of previously learned knowledge, to learn how and why everything fits together. This means that the depth of a self-taught individual’s knowledge is going to be deeper, even if the breadth of their knowledge doesn’t span as wide.

And in specific practical applications, such as in consultation on a recipe like this, I’d trust a mind like Rob Rhinehart’s over a given doctor, because the answer is going to be based on specific science as opposed to occupational theory. An M.D. dietician could likely have come up with Soylent more quickly, but would have lacked the practical perspective, in this situation. A real dietician might now be a great asset for diy Soylent, after the innovation, but I think there are many on the forum with the right mindset and abilities to serve adequately.


And then you end up with people like the Vitamin B guy and then you die.


Thanks @jrowe47, @kennufs and @ruipacheco for your suggestions.

I hope due to mutual efforts we can find a proper dietitian / nutritionist who can help all of us.
I see a lot of his/her activity will be dedicated to help DIY-producers to develop a variety of blends, so I think everyone of us will benefit (not only customers).

If you can repost it outside of the forum - thanks!


I am a Registered Dietitian in the U.S. and have done private consults involving Soylent and DIY soylent. I’m not seeing where I can private message you @Spaceman. But if you contact me I’d love to discuss.


@FNFollies You have to have a trust level of “regular user” to send a PM, or @spaceman can PM you.


@jrowe47 I agree that an autodidact nutritionist would be great. The problem is weeding the autodidact from the Google warriors. Hopefully @Spaceman can find someone that is able to tell the difference between the two (be it him or someone else trustworthy).


It’d be interesting to have a panel of people from this forum (or the powdered foods forum) take part in the interview. Maybe for a day of food. A nutritionist should be grilled, and not lightly.


@FNFollies - just PM’ed you. Pls. check right corner and click on the number next to bubble.

@jrowe47 - I agree with you. It would be grateful if active forum users can collect hot cases for tests.


Hi @jrowe47 - you may turn on your grill…

A Registered Clinical Dietitian with background in Food Science and powdered food products is waiting for your questions in “Ask the Dietitian” category on Powdered Foods Forum.