Oat Fiber (title needs 15 characters -_-)


Is oat fiber usable and tasty?

There’s little information about mixing it in water on the internet; all the comments are about using it in cooking.

I looked at several threads, like this one. Psyllium husk is in many recipes, but using up to potentially 20g in my recipe my cause it to be too thick to drink and have too strong of a laxative effect.

Oat fiber also has almost no iron, allowing me to continue to use Kirkland multivitamin in my recipe. (Almost final recipe: diy.soylent.me/recipes/yet-another-oat-recipe-with-multivitamin).


Is that the same as oat bran? Those who were around in the '80s will remember “oat bran” was seriously hyped as a mainstream health food. I have no idea why it isn’t mentioned much anymore, as far as I know they never found anything “bad” about it.


It also didn’t do anything particularly good. As it was, it was just “meh”.


It has both soluble and insoluble fiber, that’s nice for simplifying ingredients. I mean, it’s nothing earth-shattering… but it’ll keep ya regular :blush:. (Oat bran I mean, which I presume is the same thing as oat fiber but not entirely sure.)


Oat Fiber smells a lot like sawdust. lol – No real taste or texture to comment on. It’s fiber. I use it with psyllium husk to reach my fiber goals.

Psyllium husk has a thickening property though. I liken it to the difference between 1% milk and whole milk. Whole milk just feels thicker. I prefer to use 5g of psyllium husk to thicken up my shake to a whole milk thickness.


Thanks, it helps me a bunch to know that someone is already using it.

Yep, according to an amazon review:

I’ve learned to be careful when opening the package as the fine texture makes it highly susceptible to “up the nose” experiences

Oat bran has a courser texture, and has ~17% fiber content, whereas oat fiber is 90% dietary fiber.