Oat flour alternatives?


Ive been off the discourse for a good while. Did we make any leeway on this other than spelt and buckwheat and friends ?

Did anyone end up making a recipe with sweet potato powder?


Masa harina is a popular alternative. People Chow 3.0.1 (the most popular recipe) is based on it.


Anyone consider semolina flour? White rice flour? Almond meal?


I think @Spaceman uses rice flour for some things. I might try that. I’m allergic to nuts and beans, so no almond or bean flours for me. I also avoid gluten.


At some point, I want to go back and try traditional wheat flour. It has surprisingly a good nutritional profile and is dirt cheap. I know it’s not for everyone (celiacs), but I’d like to try it.

I know Masa harina is popular, but I really disliked it. Very gritty.

I went through a phase of collecting flour and tasting it in water – Rye flour was gritty, quinoa was like eating green beans, soy flour had a pretty not good flavor. Tapioca is very fine with zero flavor. Spelt tasted okay.

For the time being, I’m extremely happy with oat flour.


Hi @schulte257 - potato powder is full of starch, that does not digested in raw form (it should be cooked). So if you have no plans to fill it with a hot water (like a mashed potato) - you will lose a lot of carbs.

The same situation with other listed by @czer323 flours.

Masa harina and Almond meal are good for digestion, but very gritty. I’m not an allergic, but it causes gauging effect on me, when I eat it for a long time.

So, after long experiments I stopped on rice flour, for the first time Sweet Rice Flour (but it’s also has some starch), then Sprouted Rice Flour - where starch transformed into simple carbs. Try this - I think you will like it.


Ahh! Thank you. Already sprouted yes!


As a newbie to the DIY world, I have to ask… what’s wrong with oat flour that you would need an alternative?


There’s not necessarily anything wrong with oat flour, just that some people’s digestive systems can’t handle the raw starches. For them, the sprouted/cooked/soaked flours work best. For people that don’t have the issue, there’s not much tangible benefit.


I’m playing with some People Chow variations using rice flour, which I’m calling People Fuel:

Should be a lot smoother and more neutral-tasting than the corn-based People Chow recipes. It’s tougher though because rice flour is less nutritious. Does this seem like a good route to explore? Would you be interested in trying some?


Yes and very much so


I can’t be the only person allergic to corn who’d welcome more experimenting along those lines.

Speaking of non-corn, is it possible to buy a smaller sample of Schmoylent, a meal’s worth or even a day’s worth?


@schulte257 and @asympt, here are my final(ish) hypoallergenic recipes, based on rice flour and rice protein.

I call it Clean Fuel:

If you’re interested in buying some, I can start buying some bulk rice flour and put Clean Fuel up for sale on my site. Let me know! :slight_smile:

@asympt, as far as samples, that’s something I have planned but haven’t set up yet. Schmoylent has maltodextrin in it though (from corn), so if you have a severe allergy that would probably prevent you from trying it, right?


It’s not a severe allergy, more what they call a sensitivity. (Don’t get between me and the bathroom if I’ve eaten corn or peanuts.) The maltodextrin in official Soylent isn’t giving me any trouble at all.


Got it - I have a lot of those myself (one of the things that drove me to DIY). :wink:

Any interest in Clean Fuel? Or just Schmoylent?


Well, I guess it would be nice to try both!


Cool, good to know. :wink:

Let’s see if @schulte257 also reports some interest…


Yeh im game. Im not allergic to anything but it took me a week back on my own diy to stop blowing out my colon. I dont think uncooked oat flour is doing me any favors.

Also im getting crashes after the breakfast batch. Its 100gram malto and like a 120 gram oat.


Cool, @schulte257. I’ll probably roll out the Clean Fuel series in a week or two, once things settle down a bit over here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Link to your current recipes for the lazy? I saw your goods on the powdered marketplace