Oat Flour Macro's INCORRECT for DIY soylent!


I whipped a super simple recipe and can’t figure out why my spreadsheet of calorie calculations doesn’t match the DIYSoylent calculator. I’m making the assumption that I’ve made an obvious error somewhere.

Diy Soylent:

Calories (kcal)		2918		
Carbohydrates (g)	267.6		
Protein (g)		227.57		
Total Fat (g)		93.31

The math I’m using:

267.6*4+227.57*4+93.91*9= 2825.87



I’m always thought the DIY calculator was a little off…


The Default Oat Flour/Powder is incorrect with regards to macro’s according to the Bobs red mill website.

I used a custom version of mine with fixed macro’s now it’s an acceptable 10calories off for the total recipe.


Points to consider - not all carbs contain the same number of calories.

Insoluble fiber is passed through the body and adds bulk to the stool. It is not digested.
Any sugar alcohols are not digested.
Certain sugars contain fewer effective calories per gram (see: xylitol).
Certain fats pass through the body with little digestion (remember oleo?)

Not saying you’re wrong, but there may be other things to consider to enhance overall accuracy.


Look at the declared macros on the bobs redmill website (follow the link right from a recipe) they do not match what is the DIY soylent default when you type in “oat flour” and that oat flour is said to be bobs red mill


The values are not wrong.
The entry is correctly named “Oat Flour/Powder”, not “Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour”

Bob’s flour is merely given as one possible example of the general product “oat flour”.
The nutritional facts given closely match those found on the Nutritiondata website for “Oat flour, partially debranned”.
Here: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/cereal-grains-and-pasta/7440/2

If you create a general entry like this one, the values by necessity can’t match all the different brands available.



More importantly the calorie calculation is simply wrong for the default oat powder.
100g defaults to 440 calories however
59.24+14.74+9.1*9 = 377.5

This is because you manually type in the calories per serving instead of it being calculated by macros. It was quite literally typed in wrong.

If you do the math for the one you linked it is correct
100g at 404 cals
405 (1 cal difference which is likely due to rounding)


danilent I have to agree and disagree with your point. They certainly shouldn’t have all variations of a product in the default database. The link provide to the product to purchase is Bob’s Red mill oat flour. If they are picking that specific product as the default the nutrients listed need to be accurate to that product, and not to some random generic entry. When I’m desiging my own blend I would expect the listed nutrients to be accurate for the link for purchase.

****Final edit ****
440 <=> 404 when you account for fat fingering. That’s the most likely explanation of what happened when the default oat powder was put in. Regardless that obvious error needs to be addressed.