Oat Flour turns into an undrinkable paste


Is anyone else experiencing their oat flour soaking up water and turning into undrinkable paste? I’m guessing most recipes don’t use as much as I am…

My Recipe

I’m using about 200g of it per day, as my primary calorie source, and have had to resort to keeping it dry and mixing a serving to drink immediately. Be nice if I could store it for the day with water added.


Seems like not enough water. I prefer to use at twice the water normally to give me a very liquid format and it lasts longer since I drink soylent throughout the day instead of just a quick 10 second meal.

My wife says I don’t drink enough water anyway so it makes her happy too.



I thought so at first too, but my day’s ration expands to almost 3 containers. I just can’t see myself drinking that much every day, LOL.

Many recipes seem to have 100g or less in their mixtures, so I suppose trying to find another source to combine, but I haven’t been too fond of any so far.


I was using almost as much oat powder as you are but I found it was too much for me to comfortably consume a day, I’ve given up on a 100% Soylent diet in favor of one supplemented with a daily pasta.
I had the same issue though (still do but on a smaller, more manageable scale). It’s either fine at the start and turns super thick or starts extra water preemptively and still turns out too thick in the end. I’m sorry to say I never found a solution :confused:


Something I tried with the masa (I was having trouble with the grittiness) was to mix up my soylent the night before and let it sit in the fridge. The masa would absorb more water, then blend more smoothly the next morning.
Perhaps that would work with that large dose of oat flour… you could add a small amount of water the night before and let it soak all night. In the morning, you’d probably have an extra-thick sludge. You could then add just enough water to get the consistency you want.
You’d still be adding more water, and you’d still be increasing the total volume of your recipe, but possibly not by as much. If the oat flour was “pre-soaked”, you might need less total water to get the consistency you want.
Just a thought.


Oh, there’s psyllium husk in your recipe, everyone complains that psyllium husk makes their Soylent sludgy but I forget what they replace it with. Maybe swapping out psyllium will help?


I find that putting mine in a blender (I use a nutribullet) makes a world of diffference in texture. Before It wouldn’t be pasty but it would be grainy, and some times solid. Mixing it has been extremely helpful.


Yes, it is most probably the psyllium.

I tested oat, quinoa and psyllium flours/powder in a 2:1 ration of water/flour.

The psyllium is almost solid, while the other two are a little thick, but not undrinkable.

Here’s another recent thread on the matter, with some suggestions I will also try.: