Oat or corn flour


I’ve just started making soylent, so i’m a complete noob on the subject. However, i do see one major difference between most of the recipes which is the fiber/ carb source. This is typically either corn flour or oat powder. I am using oat powder, as it is easily available, and much, much cheaper than cornflour. Does anyone in europe use cornflour, and if so, where do you get it? An online store would be preferred.

What are the advantages to each product?

Although there is a lot to read up on, i can’t wait to get further into the world of soylent :slight_smile:


Please note that there is a non-trivial difference between corn flour and masa harina. Most recipes that don’t use oat powder are in fact using masa harina.


Many people use a carb source from corn called Masa. It’s just tortilla flour.
If you want to see recipes using it, look up People Chow on the DIY site.

Many people don’t like masa due to it’s gritty texture, even after soaking.

If you do go with masa, people like either Maseca brand or Walmart’s Great Value Corn Tortilla Flour. They say that those two have the smoothest texture.

Here’s a thread that people discuss flour vs masa:


oh great, i’ll follow that as well, thank you very much. I’m quite jealous of the american market, seems like you have access to a much wider, and cheaper, selection of ingredients :slight_smile:


Or you could use both.


for me, it is also somewhat about taste. If corn flour was a lot better, i would definitely consider buying that


A 50/50 of the two works great. Oats for taste, corn for price, basically.


if oats taste better, i think i will stick with this. I find that corn is much, much more expensive than oats. I could have something to do with the european restrictions on GMO though, but i’m not sure


Oats seems a little less silty. Oat flower can be hard to find, but apparently oat flower is just rolled oats ground up. :smile:

I think masa has more potential though, but there has to be some way to remove the insoluble portion from it or at least ground it up much finer. That’s the main problem I have with it.


I just put rolled oats in a blender, and it have worked out fine so far :slight_smile:


You can’t just put rolled oats in a blender… It’s one of those grains that CANNOT be digested unless cooked… The only reason why masa harina is digestible is because it’s treated with lime.


I use masa because it is much easier for me to digest. Using a blender and soaking overnight in the refrigerator is key to making the texture less of an issue