Oatmeal consitency?


i tried to make this recipe today and it turned out real thick, i added about 1.5L water to it, from what ive read thats how much most people add, any idea what i did wrong?


It might be the kind of oats you’re using? I think most people leave the Soylent in the fridge overnight to soak the oats.
Let me know if you figure it out because I’ve got a high oat recipe in the works that I’ll be trying later in the week.


would it be harmful if i went ahead and ate it for the health benefits or did i mess up the batch and need to toss it?


Well as long as you measured the micronutrients right it should be fine to eat. If it’s too thick you can keep watering it down, just don’t force yourself to eat the whole days batch if you get full.


it was the psyllum husks, i kept them out and added a different fiber source


I think I’m getting about 35g of fiber without a supplement but if psyllium husk doesn’t work for you, do you know what you’ll replace it with?


i had some of this laying around, http://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Fitness-Unflavored-6-87oz/dp/B004B8F85Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1380170153&sr=1-1&keywords=on+fiber i was just trying to follow that recipe at first


I’m a big fan of making soylent thick enough to eat with a spoon. I replaced the oat flour in my recipe with actual oats, and it becomes kind of a soylent “bar”. Tastes great!


I’ve never eaten oats before, can you guys tell me what the finest grain of oats is that I can get?
At the moment I’ve got quick oats but I don’t know how fine exactly I can get them, optimally I’d like my Soylent to be as close to the consistency of a proper milkshake as I can.


You want oat flour, I think.


I’ve been eating raw oats in shakes for at least a few years. There are only a few things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s best to leave the oats to soak overnight.

  2. If you’re buying quick oats or oatmeal, then you can throw it into a blender or coffee grinder to ground them. This is an enormous improvement. If you don’t do this first, then the oats will expand a great deal, which means you need to either water things down by a factor of 2-4 or drink it really quickly.

  3. The best is to go with pre-ground oats (or oat flour). This is a little bit more expensive (probably about 2-3 times more expensive).

Right now, I’m using oat flour. I may debate cutting costs later to going and grinding my oats with the blender, but it does get a bit annoying, and probably takes about 1 hour to grind a week’s worth. To be more specific about costs, you can buy oatmeal for £0.75/kg at the local supermarket. If you buy 5kg at a time, you can buy ground oats for £2/kg online. Assuming one shipment of 5kg per month, and an extra £3 shipping fee, that comes out to £13 vs. £3.75 per month, or roughly 31 cents of saving per day. That is a fair chunk of change in terms of Soylent makeup where adding an additional ingredient to the recipe costs maybe 30-50 cents/day.

Finally, being able to purchase at a local supermarket is a huge advantage, and I’m sure people here recognize the difficulty of having multiple ingredients in your recipe all running out at different rates.

But then you have to ask yourself whether 1 hour of your time grinding things is worth saving about £2 per week.

Heh, I do tend to overthink these things…


No you think them to the same extent that I do, you just do it in a more coherent fashion lol

I was planning to let them soak overnight already but I didn’t know they would expand although when I think about people eating a bowl of oats it doesn’t seem like it would be the right consistency to drink.
I’ve got a 1kg bag at the moment which is meant to last me 5 days so assuming I start tomorrow/the day after that should be time to find an oat flour replacement, hopefully I can get it locally but there’s no way I’m powdering my own oats to save a measly few cents.
Does oat flour have the same nutritional breakdown of regular oats?

Edit: Turns oat the oat source you linked is the Scottish version of the same site I was originally going to get oats from hahaha


Nutritional breakdown will be the same.

To give you an idea my thought process: we know from the above computation that purchasing rolled oats from Tesco will save you about £0.31/day. That comes out to about £10/month. Assuming a 10 month consumption of shakes, that’s £100/year.

Three deep-dished Tesco pizzas can be bought for £5 (I choose pizzas because that’s a nice measure of purchasing power). Thus, those measly cents you mention can be used to buy 60 deep-dished pizzas. I want you to close your eyes and imagine, just for a moment, filling your dinner table with sixty pizzas. Would you consider this a small or large number of pizzas? :wink:

A slightly less silly statement is that in 3 months, you can save up enough to buy a fairly high quality burr coffee grinder. Hmm…I’ll have to think about that.


The way I equate it is that time is money, so if I have to spend an hour grinding oats every week, that’s 52 hours a year or about $1000 at $20 an hour. So if I spend an extra X amount of dollars to buy powdered oats (I don’t know the conversion rate between AUD and the British pound) then I’m effectively saving $1000 - X per year in saved effort.
I’ll look into a manual flour grinder or something similar if I can something affordable because while I don’t mind the idea of milling my own oats I don’t want to spend an hour a week doing it with a blender (I find loud noises like that affronting and always feel like I’m making too much noise, even if I’m alone)


I just made a half batch of Soylent for the first time this morning and it was a complete failure. My oats all settled on the bottom of my jug and the chocolate taste was awful, I think I over watered it.
How much water do you guys add to your mixes?


Psyllium does that. When you first put it in it seems ok, but it’ll turn to pudding on you quick.


You might almost say it had the consistency of oatmeal?


Oh yeah psyllium has an amazing ability to give any fluid a thick, fairly disgusting, texture.


I can confirm to you that I’ve used from 100g to 130g of ground oats in this recipe. See images here. The total powdered and liquid ingredients for one day are combined in one blender (about 2 litres). With this amount of water, it is quite fluid. After having soaked overnight, I usually fill a glass up to 90%, then add water, and mix.

You’d have to be crazy to add psyllium husk to the mixture. I can barely down psyllium husk + water within seconds of mixing it. I consume my psyllium at night separately.


Okay I think the core of my problem is that I have the wrong kind of oats, I bought quick oats because I thought it would all thicken up. Apparently not.
I’ll try tomorrow with waaaay less water but I’ll buy some powdered oats too and hopefully that will fix it.