Oats problematic for some celiacs (gluten enteropathy)


Some people with gluten intolerance have trouble with similar proteins found in oats, even oats certified “gluten-free.” I would recommend finding an alternative.

Soylent is really interesting, and I’d like to buy it, but my wife can’t eat it in its present formulation. Actually, even if you fixed the oats, she’d still have trouble, because your maltodextrin undoubtedly comes from maize, which she is also allergic to. (Note that people with gluten intolerance also have a higher incidence of other food allergies, including corn.)


I have a friend with a gluten allergy (like a real one with bad side effects) I would also be interested in seeing a gluton free version. Is that possible? Corn and rice are fine.


I’ll second the concern over oats. I have Celiac and have ordered Soylent after reading an earlier thread suggesting it would be Gluten Free.

Eating is usually a chore and the idea of a healthy, easy meal I can have anytime is enormously appealing. Even a ‘life changing’ product in terms of the freedom it could allow.

If the oats are certified ‘gluten free’ I’d give it a try but it does seem problematic choice.


So they are saying the product is gluten free?


This is the blog post with the macronutrient breakdown, that mentions the oat flour:

It doesn’t mention gluten at all, yea or nay.


Maybe we should get another blog post that addresses certain allergies in the future?


They do, if I remember right, expect to have allergy versions later, but the first one may not be. @JulioMiles , any word?


Just to make sure noone is confused reading this discussion, oats do not contain gluten, however many oat products are often cross-contaminated with grains that do contain gluten (in the manufacturing process etc.)

So if the oat powder could be certified gluten-free then most people with celiacs could eat it.

Unfortunately OP is correct and oat proteins can given problems similar to gluten in some people.

Many are hoping that as the product is successful more variants will be introduced for different peoples personal needs.