Obese 6ft 260 pound on 1000 calories of Soylent

As said in the topic title Im an obese 6ft and 260 pound person. Along side with that Im 17, male, and I have a large frame. Ive recently started using Soylent to completely supplement my food. Most of the people I saw that did this diet ate/drank a packet a day and lost a substantial amount of weight. At the end of the day i only consume about 1000 calories (if not less). Ive only been doing this “diet” for about 3 days and Im wondering if consuming only 1000 calories when I normally take in about 3000+ will have a major impact on my health, after Im done with this I plan to eat solid meals from time to time and start doing exercise to maintain my weight.

I ask because Ive seen cases where there are obese people who only consume about 900 calories and cant lose any weight because their metabolism slowed down to fit their life style. Im I at risk for a similar position ? If so, is there a combination of both food and Soylent to prevent this? I would appreciate any and all help reguarding this subject, Thanks for giving me a minute of your time !

Fair warning: It’s not a weight-loss product. The monotony of a “potato diet” & having proper nutrition will probably help, but if you eat a lot in a given day, soylent alone will likely still leave you hungry. I hate to say this, but you might not lose too much weight unless you exercise more too.

You’re best off eating a day’s worth of soylent every day, counting the extra calories of whatever else you eat, then walking on a treadmill long enough to burn-off the extra calories plus a fraction of the weight you hope to lose.

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Calories in - calories out = change in weight.

Soylent, or any other diet, doesn’t change that, and metabolism doesn’t vary by much. Soylent just makes it easy to know exactly how much you’re getting and does a decent job keeping you full so you won’t eat more that you want.

And I really doubt there’s anyone getting 900 calories and not losing weight unless they have dwarfism or something, mostly likely they aren’t counting correctly.

Unless you’ve got the strongest willpower in the universe, you’re likely to end up rebound-eating like crazy. I suggest you don’t go below 2000 a day.


The answer to extremism is moderation, not extremism in the opposite direction. That is what Soylent is really meant for. Find an eating pattern that works and stick to it, gradually losing weight if possible.


I’m around your weight and height, and I take 2000 calories of Soylent a day (as opposed to 3000+ before with regular food) and I’m losing weight, at least 1 kg per week, while not being too hungry everyday. Though, I must admit I do not do this every week. First time I tried I lost 6 kg in only one week, which I haven’t taken back since, but that’s the exception. I drink a lot of water (always have) and eat carrots or celery when I’m more hungry.

Like other said, it’s not a miracle product, but if you want to lose weight by eating less calories without the hassle of finding what you will eat to achieve that, Soylent is very good and balanced to be a temporary food replacement, at the very least.


[quote=“mellored, post:3, topic:26575, full:true”]Calories in - calories out = change in weight.[/quote]That’s correct, but it doesn’t factor in how well the body resists weight loss. Significant calorie deprivation tends to make people lethargic, so they’ll reduce their output to compensate for their input. Lack of proper nutrition is also a bigger issue when you’re eating less.

[quote=“nanciejk, post:4, topic:26575, full:true”]Unless you’ve got the strongest willpower in the universe, you’re likely to end up rebound-eating like crazy. I suggest you don’t go below 2000 a day.[/quote]This times a thousand. Trying to go 100% soylent takes more willpower than I have & I’m not even looking to do it to lose weight. (Ok, I do want to lose some weight, but that’s not my point)

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That’s true, but there are limits. Specifically, his basal metabolic rate is about 2500 calories. Even if he was in a coma, his body would still require about that many calories a day to maintain his weight. AFAIK, consuming anything less than BMR will lead to inevitable loss of body mass, especially if you get out of bed every morning.


I already said that I agree with you on that. My point was that the symptoms of hunger makes people lower their output to compensate for the input, which is what makes losing weight so hard.

With the same logic you could lose weight by not eating for several days straight, but actually doing so intentionally is something else entirely. If you had that kind of willpower in the first place, you probably wouldn’t need to lose weight.

Lowered output is irrelevant if you’re eating less than your BMR every day, which he is.

I would suggest going over to the Soylent calorie calculator and see what it suggests as a reasonable number of calories for someone like you.


It suggests between about 2000-2300 calories. Of course this is assuming that you are not active.

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You’re missing my point entirely.

That’s where my concern would be as well. I remember reading a story about The Biggest Loser contestants struggling to keep the weight off because the extreme weight loss they went through on the show caused significantly reduced metabolism.

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Your weight loss is impressive to say the least. Do you incorperate exercice into your routine as well or are you just consuming Soylent alongside a few carrots and cellery ?

Im also rarely hungry while drinking soylent, when I am i jsut drink a bit every few minutes until full.

Ear more. Seriously.

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restricting my intake by even 20% makes me cranky & stupid. I’ve been incrementally gaining weight the past few years and have decided it’s not worth it (for me) to try to restrict intake (I’m still within a healthy weight range)
just saying, be aware that restricting calories has other effects besides weight loss, and those have to be worth it for you to stick with it.


I didn’t change anything about my exercise, which is not much. Sure, I walk quickly and steadily, but I work as an electrical engineer, these days mostly programming, so not much exercise. Evening are relax, I take a walk something with my girlfriend, maybe once every week or two.

To be honest, I’m surprised with how easy it is for me to lose weight I had since university (obviously!), which was 6-7 years ago. So to me, a 2000 calories diet is alright to have a fair balance between weight loss, willpower, and hunger, without too much effort. Anyway, a drastic weight loss is not so good for the body, which needs to adapt to your new habits.

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I had gained weight after quiting smoking. When it came to calorie restriction, I ate for the weight I wanted to be. I looked up my height and ideal weight and then how many calories I should be consuming to maintain that ideal weight. Your ideal weight is between 140 to 183 lbs. If we hit the middle and say 160 then your calorie intake should be 2200 Calories per day for a sedentary lifestyle. I understand wanting fast weight loss but anything under 1200 calories is dangerous. I would recommend adding a dinner to your daily 1000 of soylent. That way you can practice eating healthy for dinner. Doing a fast weight loss scheme and then going back to eating is a sure fire way to gain it back fast. You need to develop the habit of eating well. Soylent is great for those who are lazy or too busy but still want to eat well. By adding the dinner to your current plan, you will add the extra 200-600 calories that you desperately need and it will start you off with your change in eating habits.

1000 calories a day will only cause your body to go into starvation mode. You are far too tall for such a low caloric intake. 1600 is really the lowest you should be at.

Regarding exercised. Do not rely on exercise to lose weight. Exercise is meant to keep you healthy. People often over estimate how many calories they burn when exercising. Running a mile will only burn about 100 calories. That is the equivalent of an apple.or an egg. It’s not much in the scheme of things. Exercise is better for health and to help with having a new way to get those endorphins that we typically get from food. I run an hour after dinner when my snacking cravings hit. When I get home I eat my last bit of soylent and shower. I am full diy soylent but if I wasn’t, that would be a good time for that apple or some nuts.

Just be mindful that too few calories will actually cause your body to panic and not lose the weight. I would add two more bottles to your day at the very least. If you decided to eat solid food for meal then just leave off a bottle. It’s great that you want to lose the weight, just be careful .I know that the draw to lose super fast is strong. 1000 a day will make you tired and in a few days you will likely binge because you body need more and it will tell you so.

I thought too few calories would cause my body to break town its tissues for energy.

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My apologies. You are correct. What I meant to say is that your body won’t lose fat. When you have too few calories, your body consumes muscle for survival instead of fat.

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