Observations three weeks in (salt, flavor, farting, etc.)


My first order was a for a single week’s supply. When I was almost done with that, I entered a monthly subscription order and was happy to see that my first month’s supply arrived quickly as promised. I am now into my second week of that order, or my third week overall.

I have experimented with flavoring my Soylent only a little bit. For example, I added Mott’s Apple Cider mix to one batch. That wasn’t too bad. However, flavoring an entire day’s batch like that, I found the added flavor was wearing thin on me by the end of the day. An exception to that is the flavor of added salt.

I know salt has already been discussed at length here, but I would like to add some observations. I found that, without adding salt to my Soylent, I developed a craving for salt. One day, I found myself scavenging around my kitchen for anything with salt in it. I wasn’t hungry, but I really wanted salt. After that, I began adding a small amount of salt to each daily batch: Only 0.25 tsp, which is 25% the USDA according to the label on my salt. I found that that improves the taste a bit and wards off my craving salt.

Something I discovered this morning is that, that added salt improves the taste more than I realized. Apparently last night when I prepared today’s batch, I forgot to add the salt. When I poured a glass of Soylent this morning and took a sip, my first thought was, “What the hell is wrong with this stuff?” So I added the salt and now the stuff tastes as it should. Really, I hope the salt is increased in 1.2 by, at minimum, my very conservative 0.25 tsp per batch.

Beyond the flavor of added salt, I hope the flavor isn’t changed too much in future versions. As mentioned, consuming this stuff all day long, most flavors I’ve experimented with have worn very thin by the end of the day.

Farting: Yeah, my farts are pretty ripe. I kind of find it entertaining though. Where I used to work, only the engineers had foul farts while we chemists produced seemingly inert gasses. I knew two or three engineers who used to come into my office, fart, and run off again snickering. If only I still worked there because, by God, Soylent has empowered my anus with the taint of a legion of engineers. Oh well.

Finally, I would like to see more subscription options added at some point. My feeling is that I will likely consume about a three week supply (21 bags) per month. Fourteen bags per month seems too low to me, and 28 bags seems too high. Right now, I have a 28-bag subscription, but I can see myself ending up with excess Soylent at some stage and needing to scale my subscription back for a few months. It’s not really a big deal of course, but the ability to place a monthly 21-bag order would be pretty cool.